100,000 Subscribers!

Thanks to all my subscribers!

And then 7 months later he gets 45000 more subscribers! Go David Wood! Soon your subscriber count will surpass that of Celldweller’s!


did you get the silver button

I love the music

can’t stop laughing
just awesome
Good job

No problem! I’ve been here since like 40,000 I think

congratulations from some of us in the atheist/humanist community.

Glad to be among your subscribers, David. Your pithy couching of salient quotes has helped me understand Muslim’s plight better, making outreach and dialogue with them more hopeful. I have also shared your videos with folks of other faith perspectives, as a fine example of good-natured verbal jousting against those whose rebuttals generate more heat than light.

Getting closer to one million, Good job Keep it!!

David, I watched this all the way through before I clicked LIKE.

You already had 100,000 when I subscribed, hope you get more. You tell the truth. I love your channel.

Do a face reveal already!

I love your get up in the end

Congrats, brother. Indeed king of apologetics and reason. God bless your ministry. I learn a lot from your videos and mainly the most recent, where Jesus says He is God? Keep proclaiming the truth.

David, are you a show-off??? Lol

You’re changing the world David. I am honored by that. I am motivated to change my church to go on the offensive.

David, can you do a video on the argument for slavery in the bible? Maybe you have a done a video on this and I missed it, but I would love to be able to argue against this claim in a class I’m taking where my professor is actively trying to skew the minds of the students to think that the Bible both old and new testament allow for slavery and that Jesus himself allowed for slavery. I’ve tried doing my own research but with your knowledge I know I could argue this waaaaaaay better.

Get to da Choppaaaaaaahhhhh!!!

TRUMP 2016