100% Photographic PROOF That There Are Different Arabic Qurans! (Featuring Yasir Qadhi!)

After Mohammed Hijab was forced to delete part of his interview with Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi (due to Qadhi shattering the faith of many Muslims), Quran textual critic Dr. Daniel Brubaker posted a video showing a page of an ancient Quran manuscript that contains corrections and missing words. Will Muslim apologists be able to cover up the damage done by Hijab and Sheikh Yasir Qadhi? David Wood discusses the issue.

Dr. Brubaker’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP-g6LEOwXpMwu5PhMCIxhw
Dr. Brubaker’s video (“Missing Words in a Quran Manuscript”): Missing Words In A Quran Manuscript - YouTube
Dr. Brubaker’s book (“Corrections in Early Quran Manuscripts: Twenty Examples”): https://amzn.to/2YEw6Wx

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اللهم صل وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين وسلم تسليما كثيرا…

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the truth can’t hide anymore and truth is to believe in Jesus Christ who is light of the world

Ahmad dedaad may Allah bless him down all of your forefathers to knees,

What about catholic,protestant,Greek orthodox,Russian orthodox,coptic orthodox,Ethiopian orthodox bibles with different numbers of books.

Looks like it was added later .
Something about number 70 !

I wonder how many Christians can point out different bibles…oops…sorry they can’t read greek, hebrew or aramaic…so they 99.999% of christians have no way to read original bible

Jump to 2022 and Mo Hijab has publicly admitted that the quran teaches “extreme pedophilia” and that even 5 year olds are not safe!! He is the gift that keeps on giving. A reverse-dawa expert, showing believers just how disgusting their cult really is. Helping more and more of them to leave the cult!

Mark my words the narrative would simply change then:

“In the Qur’an Allah said that his WORDS are preserved not the Qur’an!”

Ignorance at its finest…

Historic video!!! “There are holes in the narrative.”

لا شكرا . لا أريد أن أعبد الخياط أو أؤمن في الإله الأسطوري الذي يكره النساء والكلب الأسود والبومة والحمار والأشخاص ذوي البشرة السوداء , قتل الأطفال والسماح للشيوخ وللرجال الكبار الأغبياء المتوحشين القذرين بالزواج مع الأطفال … الخ … تصور أصحاب محمد قتلو ا بعضهم البعض وسمو بعضهم البعض!!! ويريدون منا أن نأخذ هؤلاء المجرمين, لصوص الصحراء ، القتلة مثالاً حسناً في حياتنا !!! لا أريد أن يكونمجرم , قاتل مثال جيد في حياتي و نحن في عام 2022 عصر التكنولوجيا والسيارات الطائرة والإنترنت jesus christ is the only way to love and salvation

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Well I guess if I can’t understand Quran so I guess I won’t EVER become a Muslim :joy: not a great argument that he uses. When it’s hard and uncomfortable information it’s “you can’t understand Quran what’s the point” and then on the other hand it’s “the Quran is such a literary miracle, perfectly preserved word of Allah” lol that’s just bad​:joy:

A Muslim friend says when I point out mistakes in the Qur’an that I don’t understand the verses… hmmm… he also believes the Qur’an is preserved by Allah and there is only 1 Qur’an straight from Allah. There are no errors or mistakes. It has today’s science in it. If I point out mistakes and that it is not preserved he says you do not know a thing about Islam, get an English tutor to understand English… And at last he said I’m sorry but you are not intelligent. Hmmm hmmm, attacking the person to stay in your bubble? Many Muslims just don’t want to see the lies they have been teached, cause they are scared to death to become an apostate and you know what that means in an Islamic State…

You are completely missing the point about what Muslims mean with preservation of Quran - mistakes in manuscripts is a normal thing and don’t mean anything for muslims as what they mean with preservation is the oral not the manuscripts that may sound strange to you but if you but in consideration that Quran early manuscripts wasn’t dotted and missed vowels completely then you should easily have literally millions of differences in the readings of Quran but there is not. Muslims in Europe read the same Quran as in Asia or Africa or anywhere else- what Shikh ment with Qira’at is a completely different issue. He is speaking about the different accents between the Quran due to the different Arabic accents that Arabic people have in that which Muhammed himself approved. I am saying that and I am already x-muslim and I hope that you are able to criticize Islam with a knowledgeable background that you can really be able appeal to the Muslims.

That Sura 9 is a real problem to explain ,
Some say it was added later and it is not part of Quran , or was part of some other Sura ……

Read about “Lau-he-mahfuz”