11 Differences on ONE PAGE of a Quran Manuscript! [More Holes in the Narrative]

Muslim apologists assure us that the Quran has been perfectly preserved, right down to the letter, from the time it was revealed to Muhammad. What happens when we look at a page of an ancient Quran manuscript and find 11 textual variants on a single page? Find out as David Wood discusses some recent comments by Sheikh Yasir Qadhi and Dr. Shabir Ally, and a recent video by Dr. Dan Brubaker of Variant Quran.

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Be sure to watch Dr. Dan Brubaker’s latest video on Quran variants: A Quite Variant Quran Page - YouTube

Nobody remember bible from cover to cover because too much version of it. I’m not hafiz, i’m just spitting facts.

I don’t want to get too much into it. I just want to talk about this1924 you all like to call. What about the books of interpretation​:question:they date back to hundreds of years ago and they contain the same content :interrobang:huh​:interrobang: for once just clarify the dozens of contradictions in the Bible.

Perfect preservation since we have the quraan memorized in our heart unlike your bible

This joker, a follower of Prof. Wansbrough and his students, Cook ( crook) and Patricia Crone, is looking for a straw to prevent his drowning in the Sea of archeological facts.
This is a Hijazi script, the earliest script of Quran writings. It has no vowels and diacritical indication. The native Arabs did not and do not need them to read.
In a YouTube video Adnan Rashid is reading off a modern printed Quran which matches 100% the Birmingham manuscript.
David can fool some people all the time but he cannot fool all his followers all the time.

Perfect delusion!

To my Christian and Jewish people, just read holy Qur’an you will find your every answer.

May Allah give Hidayat to all Morans

New narrative : “the errors & variants in our quran are the wills of Ah-lah”.

I feel your animosity toward Islam. How does an error in any other religion proves your own to be true? How does that solve 1+1+1=1 don’t go to the Egg example .

Lol just because your beliefs have so many errors you trying to justify that by claiming that everyone has the same problem. Wrong your understanding of the Arabic language is zero to none. Sana’a manuscript is written by an Anonymous author just like your bibles. Moreover, the Sana’a manuscript does not provide an alternative Quran it simply has some alternative words that imply the same meaning. Stop screaming wolf Wolf while the manuscript is still being investigated.

They also tell people that the al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem was visited by Muhammed for the Night Journey. Except…There was NO mosque in Jerusalem until 70 years after Muhammed’s Death.
The Muslims say they’ll die for al Aqsa. Except there is no reason???

If the US military can figure their method of brain washing and control, they could win any war.

As a Muslim Arabian, we have never seen the original manuscript in our educational syllables … Just studied Othman taha version… there’s no single Muslim scholar who has combined the whole manuscript compared to the current copy

Deception is the norm! So sick.

They’re like broken records.
“Perfect preservation right down to the letter.”

“Holes in the standard narratives are perfectly preserved”

insha allah you are going to know everything soon …bcz everyone should keep in mind …everysoul shall taste death…in the day of resurrection when prophet isa alaihissalam will come back as an ummati of muhammad s.a.w…they will tell you everything …not need to worry if you really wanna know before his telling so go and find the truth do not be a stereotyped … …am suggesting you to focus on the divines books … ESPECIALLY IN THE QURAN BY NOT OVERTHINKING TO GET ASTRAY INSTEAD OF GETTING HIDAYAH…

The manuscript in India and Nepal and other SA nations is very very…lets say it paints Islam in good color and bends the meaning so much that it becomes a different version of Quran.