110 Civilians Murdered by Boko Haram (One of YouTube’s “Protected Groups”)

At least 110 civilians (primarily farmers, fishermen, and loggers) were brutally murdered on Saturday by Boko Haram in north-east Nigeria. David Wood discusses the issue.

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Just post a video of 1.5 Million killed Iraq ppl from USA to steal their OIL :face_vomiting:

They are killing so many people . The president is a violent fanatist

please add subtitle for that most of peoples of whole world

Pray for the persecuted church.

Moderate muslims: they don’t represent the Islam
but Mohamed who made the same thing is the prophet of islam :person_facepalming::joy:

Point of Correction David Wood’s : Boko Haram are terrorist and their terrorism has nothing to do with the actual practice of Islam… The same way I won’t define what "Charles Manson, Jeffrey Darhmar, Teb Bundy and Timothy McVeigh did as the actual practice of Christianity.

Thank you sir, I am Nigerian, I appreciate this.

People in Nigeria should take up arms and learn how to defend them against the religion od peace.
Defend your people

So sad

@Acts17Apologetics there are ‘‘2 types’’ muslims in islam actually one but you can call it so, the shia’s and sunni’s. The shia’s are not following the 5 pillars and not representing Islam they aren’t muslims. You can do your research.

How would the YT censors view a visit from a jihadi group that drives an RV into their premises, decapitates, stabs, rapes and murders everyone in sight and then burns the place down. Understandably there would be no Christian’s amongst the deceased.

May the Father send His son Jesus back quickly to end the murderous rampage of these moon god worshippers (allah).

Keep using this logical narrative. Such confuses pawns

“Terror Tube”

Some people did something to some people in my country Nigeria.

The religion of peace, shall be known as the religion of lies.

You pull no punches…we love you for it. May God bless you and your family in a BIG way. :hugs:

@Act17Apologetics No confirmation on who made the attack :rofl::joy::rofl: some news says Boko-haram was suspected and some says militant… And in you senses does suspect means someone really do something? Liar!! Wood