14 Accomplices Convicted in Charlie Hebdo Massacre Trial

The three jihadis who carried out the 2015 attacks on Charlie Hebdo offices and a Jewish supermarket were killed by police. Three days ago, 14 accomplices (including Hayat Boumeddiene) were found guilty of supporting the attacks in various ways. David Wood discusses the issue.

For the BBC article quoted in this video (“Charlie Hebdo: Fourteen guilty in 2015 Paris terror attacks trial”), click here: Charlie Hebdo: Fourteen guilty in 2015 Paris terror attacks trial - BBC News

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Was 911 an inside job

Most immigrants are grateful and on best behavior, anybody with such targeted behavior should be taken seriously!

Jesus himself has preached that God Almighty is one and only in the following new testament passages:
Mark chapter 12 verse 29 And Jesus answered him, The first of
all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord:

So scary how these people think

Later on Hayat will want to go back to France from Syria haha. Prefer French prison to Syrian “prison.”

When the word prophet is written with a capital letter P, it means either that the writer thinks Muhammad was a true prophet or that he respects Islam so much.

Indeed David is polluted and big liar like his 1st example Ravi Zacharias… @david: where is your video about Zacharias sexual misconduct for years… I can’t wait to hear from you on this matter :see_no_evil:???

You need to read the Koran and Hadiths to get the whole picture of Islam.

Islam is a cancer for humanity. Jai Shri Ram.

Becareful Fellow Christians. Muslims are reporting our comments to you tube, even of they not offensive to them. It seems any sort of comment,debate with them,even respectful and courteous is “nor permiited” with those who follow the “religion of peace”!

I click “like” before I even start watching any of your videos. Awesome DW.

Now the terrorists will spend those prison years being fed, clothed and sheltered at Taxpayer’s expense. Even their medical bills will be paid in full by the govt. Also, they will be protected by the govt against all those who would take revenge for their murderous acts. Its a great deal for terrorists and nothing for the innocent victims! Something is basically wrong here.

Mr David can we ask the UN to ban Quran please can we request that

oh good at least there is some justice served for this heartless attack :confused:

Merry Christmas Dr Wood. may God be with you and protect you and bless you thank you for all you do.

In the West a lot has been done through historical research and freedom to investigate and express differing views on religion. This helped a lot to inflate the absurd and fictional claims of the Church, not to mention the exposition of their abusive and corrupt acts. However, in the Muslim world, this process of critical approach to religion has not even started. This is why Islam can still get away with fictional and absurdly fake claims about the purity of their religion and all the similar nonsensical claims. But, in the West enough historical research have been undertaken to expose the fictions and the lies of Islam. However, no one brave enough to voice them fear of death. This is what happened in France and not the first time. They simply kill if you criticize or expose their lies. Religion is OK if and only if it stays a private matter.

Michel Houellebecq’s novel Submission, about the Islamicization of France, was published the same day of the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Well worth a read.

Please brother, subtitle for Indonesia bahasa.

The abrahamic religions are all dreadful