2011 Arab Festival: Christian Preacher Harassed and Bullied

Dearborn’s leaders keep telling us that Christian preachers are welcome in the city. Video footage suggests things aren’t quite so simple.

Friendly crowd?

I’m a decade late but goodness. Hats off to the preacher and everyone else who was helping him. The world is one scary place

Elect Trump again so he can send them back to their backward countries

Religion is the problem in this world. Too many of them and everyone thinks their religion is the right one.

I feel bad for him, he was basically preching to a bunch of kids.

Time to rid this country of the infestation of Islam

So were the Prophets during the time of Jesus rejected.

What a disgusting mob of refuse.

Those are fucking children​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes: yall dumb close minded,you can hear the adults telling them to stop

Jesus is talked about in the Quran can’t be preaching that to people who already know

Ppl like this make me feel proun abt myself that im not like these cunts

Mary j. Blige

The preacher is like a sheep surrounded by wolves.

That’s tolerant, that’s love, that’s real Islam, that’s nice, that’s beautiful.

That guy has an interesting definition of freedom of speech 7:37 .

I’m proud of this muslims i was there we’re here in Dearborn 2020 allah hu akbar :crescent_moon::v:

Allah hu akbar from east Dearborn 2020

Ohh yeah I love Dearborn 2020 allah hu akbar

Disgusting group of people