24% of Muslim Youth Are Leaving Islam

According to the latest studies, 24% of young Muslims are leaving Islam. Since the rate of apostasy is increasing rapidly, what is the future of Islam?

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I just downloaded an app to play David’s videos without having to keep the screen open, but when I searched David Wood and then Acts17apologetics, not one of his videos from his channel came up. Only videos of David were from other channels uploading his videos. What’s going on?

cause they r following their desires. its mentionned in quran that a FEW from people in the final times (like our time) will enter to paradise

I left religion when I was 18. Been feeling free of dogmas since then. What a blessing.

Why are they angry about it?? LOL… These guys are a massive joke to our planet earth…

I am Proud Muslims

Even though they no longer believe in religion Muslim that no longer believe in Islam hate Christianity way more than conversative Muslim.

0:46 not only you , every religion like it . :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:

Islam is also the fastest growing religion

Jesus is the only way

I cant thank you enough David Wood, I left islam and became christian 1.5 years ago thanks to you and other apostates and pastors on the internet.

Glad to see the youth are seeing the light.

I think it’s much more than 24%

I hope the people leaving find The Truth.

Yay! :partying_face:

What about the youths from Pakistan ??? .Are they leaving too ???

Sir, would you please turn on the subtitles on your videos.

When the younger population is actually smarter and more logical

We should celebrate :tada: I personally think that in my country it’s much more then 24% of muslim youths who left

Don’t accept my religion but leave Islam please!!