24% of Muslim Youth Are Leaving Islam

24% of young Muslims are waking up **

Is that a “Jihadi Tears” mug behind David? Lol!

I prayed that more young people leave this violent religion that does not tolerate other religion and atheist

I am an Ex-Muslim antitheist from Pakistan. I left this barbaric 7th century evil cult in 2016

I’m muslim by my choice…and my only fear is losing my imaan…islam is my way of life… I’m surprised tat how many people are misguided and really don’t know about wat true Islam is… thank you so much Allaah for guiding me to the right path and blessed and proud to be muslim especially as a girl :heart:


I left Islam when i was 17 … proud to be an exmuslim … The best decision of my life

Let me get straight… staying in Islam without practicing it way better than leaving it?

I am Muslim real Muslims are not leaving Islam

I’m 29 years old I left islam when I was 23
and I never looked back

No islam 50% peace in world

I am a 16 year old Muslim from Bangladesh. And I want to spend my whole life with Islam.
Your dream will never come true!
Nothing happens by cutting videos like nonsense.
Listen, Islam is the fastest growing religion and it will remain that forever. And I also invite you to accept Islam. One day, whole world will do that, InsaAllah…

Thank you Jesus!

This warms my heart so much. Praise God. Praise Jesus my Lord.

Zack Martin: Way to go guys! Let’s shoot for 40!

Imoms fighting hard to keep their easy jobs and they will say anything to stop the apostasy of a fake violent man made religion.

Daaang David Wood you are petty, what’s with the clapping of hands :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

24% of people that saw the light. Your futures are brighter already. One of the most logical decisions
you all made. God Bless.