26 Different Arabic Qurans Destroy the Myth of One Quran

Muslim apologists tell their followers that the Quran has been perfectly preserved from the time of Muhammad down to the present. What happens when Jay Smith and Hatun Tash bring 26 different Arabic Qurans to Speakers’ Corner and start showing Muslims the many differences between different Arabic versions of the Quran? Find out in “26 Different Arabic Qurans Destroy the Myth of One Quran.”

A number of you are asking why Jay and Hatun are making these claims when they aren’t Arab scholars themselves. Jay has had two years of Arabic, but he said very clearly at 33:20 to 34:00 of this video that he is not an Arabic scholar, nor that he or Hatun did any of the Arabic analysis with these verses. That was all done by Arabic scholars, who chose not to be filmed, because of the repercussions to them and their families, both in the UK and in their native Arab countries. Jay and Hatun were only introducing the painstaking work done by others. It’s sad that the Arab scholars who did the work could not
introduce the material they worked so hard on themselves, due to the danger posed by Muslims, even in London.

Hatun is a nightmare to Islam, Qur’an, Muhammad and his Allah

I’m happy that today my doubt is clear… I’m an Ex Muslim but now my faith lies on the cross with Jesus

O Jay and Hatun. Thank you! More Christians converted to Islam after watching your videos. Thanks for forcing them to read Quran. They came and read the whole Quran and understand Jesus and Merry better way.
If you don’t Know Harqaat, Wakaf and Ahrof, It’s your lake of Knowledge, not the Quran. You need to spend 10-20 years for learning Arabic Gramer and Pronunciation because your mind has stopped working and it will take time to catch any new thing.

Jay and hatun r free to print manipulated quorans in crores who is refraining them since ,1095 started from Spain this conspiracy has been going on u both will be accountable in ur graves for this false charges when people don’t have some good to offers to others out of desperation they start crticising others good things this is what happening to these liars

খুব সাহসি

I am an atheist but I absolutely adore Dr Jay Smith’s speeches!

2,500 diffrent bibles yet y’all criticize Islam ? On top of that y’all think 3 = 1 and criticize Islam for diffrent interpretation yet there’s 200 individual sects of Christianity

Which one abdooool?

Same with Torah, there are two different versions

And I thought King James onlyism was bad.

As usual, the religion of slogans falls on the sword of reality and facts

I thought there was only one Quran. Now there are only 26 different Qurans. When an educated person does a little research all of Islam’s claims fall one by one.

At fhe end of the video. Man is shouting ala ala ala In confusion make me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

don not publish a lie

Fake news from fake sources, wake up sheep and YouTube warriors!

islam sucks


1:06:10 The bible was written by man? I thought it was the word of God.
I’ve been watching for over an hour. Is it really that hard to make a claim and support it. I like it when people are brief and get straight to the point… if they have one.
My God direct the righteous and worthy to straight path.