50 Reasons Muhammad Was Not a Prophet (in Under Five Minutes)

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Here’s a quick list of our “50 Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet,” with links to all 50 reasons.

This is great and eye-opening. I know many are been delivered with these truths you’ve been revealing and I know some will get even more hardened. Keep up the good work and remain strong. Left for me, I will want to challenge you to build your ability to operate in the supernatural power of God. Bringing people to salvation through miracles, signs, and wonders (Healing the sick, the lame, the deaf, the dump, raising the dead, casting out demons, and delivering those who are oppressed by the devil. Also operating in the gift of prophecy and word of knowledge to bring edification to edification to the body of Christ and advancement of God’s kingdom). These are part of the foundation of spreading the Gospel.

Right :+1:

What’s the one about Muslims being allowed to pray to 3 idol gods

Please start a series for Hinduism and it’s virtues too!!

0:20 all of that is false
0:26 jesus talked about a man will change the world and bring peace which is the thing Muhammad s.a.w did
0:31 what’s wrong with that it was by the permission of god he told him to
0:38 he died because he was so sick so that’s false
0:40 Muhammad s.a.w never had a sex in his whole life plus God told him to marry her and they got married when she was 16 plus she’s the daughter of abu bakr which is prophet Muhammad s.a.w best friend plus she’s the mother of the muslims
0:44 Muhammad s.a.w never did anything bad in his life and he didn’t do that
0:50 that’s not true
1:01 the first part is false but he killed them because they were gonna kill his whole ummah
1:05 that’s completely false prophet Muhammad didn’t divorce any of his wives he didn’t care if any of them was attractive or not
1:17 that’s not even true!
1:25 he didn’t he never used dark magic in his whole life and he doesn’t allow teaching it
1:24 that’s not a false prophecy
1:38 he had 11 wives and it was by the permission of allah!
1:59 yeah that’s true demons aren’t allowed to be in heaven
2:10 allah is the only god
2:16 he did
2:20 that’s completely false after Muhammad came treating women became much better he respects all the women
2:50 quran technically has no lie in it
2:37 that’s basically heaven and that’s true not what are u saying but Muhammad
2:53 that’s facts not lies
3:11 Muhammad never robbed in his life and he tells us to not to rob also quran tells us the same
3:19 idk what you mean
3:22 Muhammad never
3:45 that’s not even true you basically said a lie and said it’s in Qur’an
I think there’s one her if yes i couldn’t hear it
3:57 allah loves all of us
4:03 not all Christians and jews the jews and Christians who believe in god that wont happen to them
4:10 what’s wrong with that
4:16 what’s wrong with that too?
Islam doesn’t insult jesus in fact we belive in him as a prophet not a god also we believe allah is god and islam doesn’t insult anyone ,
Muhammad is a prophet
And if anything i didn’t talk about please tell me what he said in the replies
You just want people to leave islam by saying those lies and you are also islamophobic
You can not say any of those things unless you are a muslim

Allah ho Akbar this man is the biggest liar you can be Christian but Dont talk bad about the best human being ever to step foot on earth you will regret in the dunya or akhirah.

95 % of what you said is shit it look I like you understood islam from 30 mins of instagram clips the rest of 5% is manipulation of facts .


Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen

What you just heard was full of lies.

You are ignorant

so many religions… and I have to be born Muslim… wow

There are many evidence, check out my research and videos on Youtube, as an Arabic scholar and academic, I expose Islam using their own sources, information Muslims do not want the people to know.

David Wood how can you say Islam is violent when you tried to kill your dad​:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Where is the evidence to everything this man said??? He is just rambling without any references…

I never see a Muslim youtube channel who made content just to humiliate other religion . And here we are

The man in this video is a liar.

Which prophet also taught to crucify humans who was later dubbed God?

Stop creating story about islam and our prophet if you want more people in christian. Focus on your own religion,talks about the pros of your religion. Not dragging other religion by spreading false information about it.RESPECT OUR RELIGION JUST LIKE HOW WE RESPECT YOURS….man I’ve lost my respect to all Christian people out there just by this one video. BABI SEKETUL ROSAK SUSU BELANGA