80 People Arrested for Eating During Ramadan

Eighty people (mostly students from international schools) have been arrested in Morocco for eating in public during Ramadan.

Links to the Morocco World News articles quoted in this video:
“Ramadan: 80 Moroccans Arrested for Publicly Eating in Casablanca”: Ramadan: 80 Moroccans Arrested for Publicly Eating in Casablanca
“Morocco’s Government Defends Casablanca Public Eating Arrests”: Morocco’s Government Defends Casablanca Public Eating Arrests

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What would Jesus say about Ramadan “fasting”? Fortunately, we don’t need to wonder: - YouTube

David, you are the last person to talk about peace, since christianity gave the world the bloodiest history mankind ever witnessed. And no that is not ramadan or how people should fast. You take a case and paint the whole community with it. This is called deception :). Mohammed Hijab and Sheikh Otman exposed you. You have nor moral ground to stand on. Plus, this is our country, what in the h name you put your nose in it? Ohh I forgot, this the so advanced west who preach freedom yet want the others to be a carbon copy of themselves. If you have no moral anchor, if it is normal for you to fornicate on the road and publicly drink alcohol, in our society is a no no thing…so before you paint yourself here trying to play the higher ground, mind your own business and shut up…this is my country and we are a sovereign state…this white areogance is despicable…you want the others to be like you…who said you are the norm? …no we are not…we are proud amazigh muslim…you have noooo right to speak about peace or morals, since you british and christian caused the bloodiest event on history :slight_smile:

David with his fake sources made up on windows power point, you should really focused more on what sins happening in your country instead of Morocco. the freedom there and the freedom of Christians and Jews worshiping there lord in churches and synagogues. Plus Morocco is a land of God “Sunni” Muslims and knows Christianity more than you do lol also there is laws like other countries and people should follow that. Your hypocrisy will not change the situation over there not even a step. You really don’t know that country poor David wood.

Jesus and Moses fasted for 40 days. I have done several 3 day fasts and once for 4 days. I spare water, and put a bit of salt into the water so I don’t run out of sodium. Gorging isn’t fasting. Some Christians fast regularly but don’t crow about it. We are advised to be silent. Don’t publicize your fast.

Bro if you can’t scream in the streets of japan because it’s disrespectful and gotta respect poeple although it’s your freedom, or wear hijab in france because it’s illegal then we gotta understand that the world is built on diversity, every country has the right to whatever they want nad poeple can believe in whatever they want, grow up… You cannot erase the second biggest religion on earth that is expected to be the first biggest by scientists in 2050. A religion that lasted for 1400 approximately. That stupid …

imagine hating on a religion <33


They dosen’t represent me as a moroccan christian . They represent themselves.

They hate pig meat but they ate like a pig after their ramadan.

swag reply… loved it

It’s not fasting, it’s feasting. They worship food in Ramadan month.

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Islam religion is truth that’s why soo many people is jealous with Islam n specially you dawid wood n Christian people

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But in hindu religion if you want to fast then you will have to spend 24 to 30 hours without food and water.

I wouldn’t even like to visit a place like this.

You are right about Ramdan…eating in the night…that is a Ramadan thanks to you…God be with you…

Ohhh that is my kind of fasting :laughing: :rofl:

:joy::joy::joy::joy: , but it’s Allah who allow it because everything under control of Allah :rofl::rofl: