99.9% of Muslims Don’t Know This Secret Path to Paradise!

In Islam’s most trusted sources, Muhammad guarantees paradise to his followers for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons are extremely creepy. David Wood discusses the issue.

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YouTube banned my most recent video for preaching the Gospel to Muslims. I made a tweet here: https://twitter.com/Acts17David/status/1470952211408637953

Obviously what Mohamed meant is that people should practice chastity and to practice self control of the tongue (Sarcasm)

I Couldn’t Understand Why JIHADISTs Killing Innocent People fr This Weird Religion…:joy::joy::joy:

In the search of a fake paradise
Muslims are making the earth a hell

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Thank​:pray: God. There was no one who specifically revealed the :open_book::angel:truth about the Islam . Thank :pray:God I received the gospel of Jesus.

Muhammad is as prevent** as Joseph Smith and the Roman Catholic Priest.

Reading The Qur’an for the first time make me throw out.

You re mixing everything, u shall learn Arabic first

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I never knew this about Muhammad this is really damning, I don’t think Muslims know this man

How about the popes??? And paradise comes from Persia, it was a beatiful garden not a fiction place.

Heck no, 72 virgins is not enough for I have to do that

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clearly so called pervert is great messenger of God…who lacks knowledge but only criminal incest…who said it’s holy book!

Nailed it
72 Hoors

Jesus is Muhammad(the Praised-One), fool. A point was made but you guys missed it altogether due your poor reading skills.

But the adults in the room know that Muhammad is not a given name but a substitute title, a euphemism for Christ/Messiah. Since Jesus is said to be that Christ, then Jesus is Muhammad.

We make the difference between Islam and the Arab-Qureishites propaganda contained in the Hadiths, and the “Sira Rassul Allah,” etc…

That marketing gimmick was meant to capitalize on the pilgrimage to Mekka and not as historical facts.

We also know that when someone writes a Constitution like the Constitution of Medina, receive embassies, passes legislations, proclaims a tax Codes, raises an armies, signs treaties, etc… with some neighborhood nations, that person is in a role of a Founding Father like George Washington, Caesar Augustus or Alexander the Great. We don’t take the word “Prophet” in the literal sense.

By the way, According to Acts 11:26 is a Christian he who believes Jesus to be the Messiah, that is to say Christ, foretold by Moses in the Torah but rejected by Israel.
“I will send the Christ/Messiah, a Prophet/Messenger like you Moses, Him, they must listen…” Deut.18:15-19

The word CHRISTIAN was coined in Antioch of Syria and not in Athens, Rome, or Boston.
In that sense, Muslims are Christians because for Islam Jesus is the Christ announced in the Law and the Prophets, born of the Virgin Mary. You may as well check the Transfiguration in Matthew 17:1-13 where Jesus “oversees” a meeting between Moses the Lawgiver and someone who would ratify the same Law for the Arabs(the descendants of Ishmael). In Genesis, Abraham waa promised many Princes for Ishmael.

“Your people don’t want to hear about Jesus. And when His name is mentioned, lo! your people burst into clamor thereby…”

If you have ever wondered why a substitute title was needed for Jesus, here you have it. To create an OPTICAL ILLUSION:

We(the Children of Israel) send you, O Abu Quasim, among your own people so that they may believe in God and His Messiah/Muhammad/Christ/Al-Massih, help Him, praise Him(Muhammad/the Praised-One), sing for Him evening and morning…"

So the Muslims are Christians certainly not of Paul’s Tradition, yet still Christians but the Americans are not…

Every American should know, then, that If Jesus is Lord, it stands to reason that Nature’s god is NOT.
Yet, Nature’s god in the Jefferson Bible and in the so-called 'Declaration Of Independence" claims just that…

And this is the official position of the American government because Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd President of the United States and is the one who penned the so-called “declaration of independence” which became the Law of the land in the Constitution.

Nature’s god in the Jefferson Bible inspired the “Bill Of rights” and specially the First Amendment which states that every religion under nature is as valid as the next; this is why polytheism and Idol worship enjoy special protection under Natural Law which pushed out Canonical Law or Sharia Law.

Nature’s god states that Jesus did not resurrect because there is no such thing as resurrection of the dead; men die and worms take care of their bodies and that, most surely, wild dogs took care of Jesus’ body.

Nature’s god claims that there is no supernatural, no miracles, no virginal birth, no revealed Law since Laws are a construct of societies and each society makes its own laws in accordance with its need.

That the Ten Commandments were not revealed and are no better than the Law of Hammurabi.

For Thomas Jefferson, the Apostle of Nature’s god, Nature’s god instituted government on earth to distribute rights without responsibity: right to liberty from morality, right to pursue happiness, happiness for all(We wonder how government will enforce happiness which is not a tangible good), and right to life…

Paul, Jesus-Christ’s Apostle to the “Pax Romana,” on other hand instructed us that Government was instituted on earth by God to keep order, render Justice for the equality of the Children of God in view of the Last Judgment.

Nature’s god insists that Life stops here and that there is NO immortality: “Let’s eat and drink for tomorrow we die, and nothing awaits us after death. Don’t be missing out…”

Jesus said man was born corrupted and can purify himself with the means God put at his disposal.
Nature’s god however holds that man was born perfect but got corrupted by government.
We wonder If all the jails built across their lands are only for members of government.

Nature’s god is truly Satan who set out to contradict the True God on every single line!

So If you are an American you should worry about the subversive nature of the American founding documents, America’s Nature’s god, and the fate of your impious founding fathers who worked hard to mislead mankind away from the Gospel.
Enough of that circular reasoning.

Please worry not about Islam; it is just fine…!!!

Islam is a house of lies. Jesus is God and Mohammed isn’t going to be in Heaven, Jesus isn’t sharing the throne with anyone.

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