A Brief History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Muslims and leftists are claiming that Palestinian Arabs are the victims of Jewish aggression. But even a cursory examination of history shows who the real aggressors are. This video presents a short history of the dispute over Israel.

This was informative, but we can’t forgot that Jews who practice Judaism reject the new covenant and try to steer people away from it. That’s also wicked and God openly states in the Bible that he will punish them for doing this: their temple was destroyed; they were driven out of the land; the holocaust, for example. And now they can’t sit in their land in peace. This is a curse.

hosfain the insane desert bedouin

Muhammad (SM) expelled the Jews, because the Jews broke the peace treaty. And according to the treaty, peace breakers must be expelled.
I always wonder, why these people hate in Islam in such a higher degree

Islamophobes are supporting Israel only because Palestinians are Muslims.
What a logic for supporting Israel.
Nothing to expect anything logical from these people.

That make sense

Yet actual takeover is their ideology, been going on all over the globe, yet nothing. When it happens to them, and most barking are from unrelated. Region itself was gaza strip before anyways.

Thanks to Isr. we saved everyone’s holy land in the region.

You know, I’ve never seen this video before!
Now I know that you are liar!
I thought you are my brother in Christ, but I was wrong!
You are zionist!

Why didn’t you show Palestinian Christians there?
What’s about all the Churches that weren’t destroyed?
What about arab Chrisitians who lived there for 2000 years and after 1948 they have the worst problems they ever had?!

Remember the promised land belongs to Christians not to ChristKillers!
“And if you are Christ’s, then YOU ARE Abraham’s SEED , and heirs according to the promise.”
(Galatians 3:29)

Its 2021. Now Im confused.

This is the most ridiculous video I have ever seen in my life and I am not muslim. Wrong wrong wrong on so many levels it’s astonishing. Islam has many problems but this is just a retarded distortion of history…

Lmao. True story. :joy::+1:t2:

Thanks David . That was out hilarious and educational

Grossly oversimplified and biased, but what do you expect?

Jesus expelled the Jews from Israel. He explained it in the parable of the tenants. Mark 12 I believe. In 70 AD he poured out His judgement. Christians don’t know their own Bible. Judaism is newer than Christianity and Judaism is based on one foundation…that Jews will not have this man ( Jesus) as king…so they codified and wrote down what is now the Talmud. Judaism is a religion and a religion does not confer territorial rights. Poor video. Todays Jews are 95% Ashkanazi or Sephardic…neither of these groups are actually semetic. Arabs are semites and btw not all Palestinians are Arabs and 25% plus of 1948 Palestine was Christian. Jews have stolen Palestine based on a myth. Every book I would source there would be from Israeli Jews.Poor vid David Wood …back of the class for you sir

You should probably go back to the land of Canaan and show us how peaceful your beloved Jews were…
Israel was established on stolen lands. Nothing can change that you dipshit. Oh I forgot, the Jews were promised that land by a filthy psychopath whom you believe in.
You also didn’t mention how the Jews were treated in Europe and where they took refugee later.

I thought you were a real historian. That history you quoted has nothing to do with Palestinians being summarily evicted from their homes, booted off their lands, and sequestered in an ever shrinking concentration camp.

What goes around comes around.Amen.

someone needs to show this to the un and all of Englands goverment

I’m a jew and I find this funny and totally true :joy:
love ya Israel :israel: my one and only holy land.
love ya David! come visit in Jerusalem the city of gold sometimes! or in the seven wells of Abraham in Israel, or in hebron :relaxed: :raising_hand_woman:t4::raising_hand_woman:t4::heart: