A Brief History of the Quran Blooper Reel

Outtakes from our “A Brief History of the Quran” video - Just for fun :slight_smile:

This was great! :purple_heart:

Are you ready? Ready? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I just finished Nabeel’s book. I will be a Nabeel.


I wish I had friends like this lmao

How come I’ve never seen this before!!!

LOL… I was actually wondering how you guys would have acted in making this video controlling your laughter. This was very funny.

Nabeel would’ve loved the Islamisize Me series so much!


You guys were definitely ready. Lol so cool.

That’s awesome!

God fearing man of God???
these what Christians are about??? . . for fun & jokes???

ok, ready? yep, readky, ok, ready, mhm, ok, ready? … :smiley:

They can’t even control their own behaviour . . & they conquering the subject of Religions . . ???

Honorable men of God behaviour like this . . ??? . . These are Syaitans!!!

Clearly these clowns need help . . despicable lot . .


Everytime the sadness of Nabeel’s passing brings tears (especially after praying for Michele, Ayah, and the entire Qureshi family) I come snd watch this video…The smiles, laughter, and friendship of David and Nabeel is healing and will remain timeless. Blessings forever to you both.

I love watching this video, always makes me smile. They were just an awesome team. But Nabeel is enjoying being in Heaven with Jesus for eternity. David Wood has our prayers as he continues to expand the Kingdom. Great job guys!!