A Christian Reacts to the Nupur Sharma Controversy

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Former BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) spokesperson Nupur Sharma was suspended for saying (during a televised debate) that Muhammad married a young girl (Aisha). As protestors demand Sharma’s arrest or execution, and her defenders insist that she did nothing wrong, the controversy is escalating rapidly. What does an American Christian think about the Nupur Sharma controversy? David Wood discusses the issue.

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God bless you and your family.
Be safe in Jesus name.
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She is right in her place but thing is that India is largest democracy in the world. Here though you don’t worship any gods but you can’t pass any comments to a religion or you would be behind the bar. You can start a healthy debate but can’t pass own opinion. The same thing being a Christian we are suffering here in India. Pastors, evangelist are being killed here in India for being converted but no one have guts to talk about it because BJP the so called ruling party trying hard to make it Hindu nation.

Jesus healed a little girl. He didn’t marry one.

None of your videos have automatically generated subtitles.

Hey D, if you know our country, you’ll know an infamous Muslim preacher Abdul Somad who says “Christianity is broken” and “Crosses has Djinni on them”, you know what? He openly states that “Why should I sorry for saying them?” when asked if he apologized to those who offended, and nothing happened to him.
And, some Malaysian politicians are also openly says that Bible is corrupted and even says they will never, never apologize for it yet not a single leftist media ever highlight and no protest whatsover from pissful community.

Christians are being persecuted like never before in India now because of the same political party and their hindutva(extreme Hindu nationalist)organisations demolishing churches and assaulting Christian families and even not hesitating to take lives in remote areas. For India, as of now, Hindu extremists are the major problem for us, Christians.

One Day you will fight with Muslims against Russia and China David.


finally well better late than never


Pisslamic scholars from Al-Aqsa mosque threatened India and insulted also , aired on Memri TV ( Arabic ) . They implored Pakistan to fight against India :joy::joy:.

Yet another video for the archive! Will be up in a moment…

How do people ignore this reality, seriously. Thank you for making these videos.

Who is an islamophobe?
Any non muslim who quotes islamic texts in public is an islamophobe


Thank you dear Christian David Wood for supporting freedom of speech of Nupur Sharma from a Hindu. She even didn’t commit blasphemy against Muhammad but quoted about him what is already written in Islamic text.

Why you re not sharing debate with SHEIKH uthman here

Rss Terrorist… . Praise LORD, Indian Christians Stand With Muslims Brothers… :heart::india: