A Man Reviews "What Is a Woman?" (Matt Walsh)

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David Wood reviews Matt Walsh’s new documentary “What Is a Woman?” You can watch “What Is a Woman?” at the Daily Wire: What is a Woman? | The Daily Wire

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Hmm … pharmasuetical companies. . HMMM you know another book you might want to read . The real Anthony fauci. written by Robert F kennedy a democrat. If you ask me. I think government and Private corporations should NOT be in bed together. and that is one subject both liberals and conservatives could probably agree with.


this is what you get when you treat morality as if its a subjective opinion, David, why are you so surprised?! this is what you have always been preaching

Wait till you find out about ESG scores

Great to see my maasai brother talking sense in this age of nonsense…

Spent some time in Kenya…had a great time really friendly chill ppl.

People are wearing their ass for hats and call it normal… the devil is really playing with western society…

I think you may have missed the point of the Kenya interview. I don’t have a subscription to the Daily Wire, so I have not been able to see “What is a Woman” as a whole, but I have seen clips of that part. The issue is that part of the gender ideology is precisely the claim that traditional societies have always made a place for a third sex (men who want to live as women, in particular) and that Western Judeo-Christian society is uniquely evil in not treating cross-dressing or cross-living as perfectly OK. By asking people from a traditional society what they think, Matt Walsh was shaking that pillar of the ideology.


You can tell people are sh1tty people when they criticize/insult/label Matt for this on their channel.

Just finished watching it. You’re the second person that recommended it today.

I love how all my favorite Christian apologists are talking about this.

Recommended book: the Global Sexual Revolution by Gabriele Kuby. Also, Dr Miriam Grossman’s books are great.
I have done a lot of advocacy work on behalf of the persecuted Church. As part of that I have attended forums held by the Dept of Foreign Affairs (Canberra, Australia) where “progressives”/liberals (i.e. 99 percent of the room) were tearing their hair out over the backward, human rights abusing, recalcitrant nature of the ‘Non-aligned movement’ - a block of non-Western nations that refused to support and advance the West’s neo-marxist agenda … i.e. 'marriage equality ', LGBTQ+ rights/normalisation and 'reproductive rights ’ (sexualization of children + abortion on demand). Western activists at the UN were going wild over the fact that the Non-aligned mvt comprises a majority of nations, meaning the progressive self-righteous liberal Westerners could never pass their radical agenda items. I loved watching them beast their breasts and squirm and fume…
You know, the US actually withholds aid from countries that won’t ‘uphold human rights’ by legislating for same-sex marriage and abortion on demand and radical sex ed (classes on sexual freedom and promiscuity) for pre-schoolers. They are trying to force this stuff on conservative countries in Africa etc that lost half their middle class to AIDS…and they wonder why they are losing friends.
Saddest thing is …by pushing this radical agenda the West is undermining all Western advocacy… including that for religious freedom. No one wants to listen to us now.

So many questions!
Who is Gay Bill?
Why can’t people from Florida talk about him?
What did he do that was so gay you can’t just call him “Bill” anymore?

Corporations making a ton of money from mutilating children would sure seem like something out of a Michael Moore documentary.

“Transgender Christian woman” :man_facepalming:t2:

Sir req from India can make a video on nupur Sharma who shows us the same truth that u is showing as plez sir pleeeeez .u can search this about india controversy on prophet muhammad.plez sir