A Message to Keyboard Jihadis

Keyboard jihadis continue posting threats against me, Hatun Tash, the Apostate Prophet, etc. But there’s a problem . . .

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I just got done watching "How Muhammad Ali Was Deceived by islam (and why Cassius Clay Was His Greatest Name)… for the third time! :rofl:

Subhanallah. Austaqfirallah. La illa ha illallah. Allahu akbar. La howla wa la quwata illah billah

Acts 17: How is mocking the Muslim idol Mohammed, with disparaging cartoon images bringing Muslims to Christ? One cartoon used by ‘T shirt Tash’ depicts Mohammad as a homosexual - such is bearing false witness/an intentional barb; her vengeance [tit for tat, ego bruised?] is clear to many - even Christians preaching the Word in Hyde Park have tried to correct her
What Bible model you are using? Did Paul mock the Greek & Roman idols? Christ got angry, but then He was perfect, knew all things, rose from the dead when crucified… are you/can you?
Christ’s command is to go out & make disciples. Paul stated it was none of his business to judge those ‘outside’ [ie non believers outside of God’s people. Judge those ‘within’!].
Christians uphold blasphemy as sin, [EG] rightly speak out against Jerry Springer’s Christ-mocking musical… yet somehow think that unnecessarily mocking Mohammad - is not a double standard?
My discernment, It’s an extra-biblical & unwise [we are called to love wisdom, integrity, prudence, discretion] path for Christians whose first call is to love the Muslim & show him/her the gospel Way of salvation; Purposeful ‘winding up’ puts up the shutters for any useful engagement about sin, the cross, freedom from legalism, the free gift of salvation…

I have posted several comments concerning their book and the lies that are in their so called book. And as of yet I have yet to receive a request for my address so they could come by to follow thru with their so called threats to my body. Yeah all talk and no action unless there are 30 or 40 of them together then they will stop by. Since they can’t get a large amount of guys together they will naturally stay away. Heck I even said for them to email me their cell and I would call them and tell them where to find me and that didn’t work either…

Custom Quran skin shoes?! :mans_shoe: :joy:

I hope they find jesus they are not stupid just lost.I hope they let jesus in their hearts

Hijabi finished you at the live debate some years ago. Everybody saw you have no clue what you talking about. Source: trust me bro🤦🏻‍♂️ and false facts. Its easyer to read and prepare yourselfe for youtube,like youre apostle friend. Bus as soon you have to talk with someone who actualy have knowlege, you guys will always lose.

David’s insults are some of the most savage I’ve ever heard. The waiting for a gumball from a parking meter had me cracking up. :laughing:

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? You must not like when someone else gets more hate.

Where can I get the Jihadi tears cup please

i tried to get throught your jesus to get eternal life as you said in ur opinion

A good man with faith would promote his beliefs and not try to put down the beliefs of others and make a career out of it. You David wood are human garbage.

David, my friend Daniela would NEVER threaten you, I need to let you,and apostate prophet know,that her account/Apple-ID,Gmail etc was,and STILL IS,sadly, Hacked,and she’s locked out of the fake accounts with the video about you. Please,if you have time,read my comment below it.

Thank you.
Free speech, everyone has a right to express his/her opinion.

Take care everyone :blue_heart:

Brain of wood

God , please protect David wood :heart:

‘Keyboard Jihadis!’ is a super title!!!

Do they even point their devices towards Mecca when they issue ’ Fatwa Threads’? :joy::joy::joy:

Lol this guy is really insane!!!




Well most of them reach only elementary schooling.