A Muslim Accidentally Condemns Muhammad!

After I posted “The Biggest Obstacle to Reaching Muslims Is . . .”, a Muslim posted a nice comment, condemning those who wished death upon me. Unfortunately, our Muslim friend accidentally condemned Muhammad, as I point out now.

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Someone recently asked me, “What’s your favorite video you ever made?” After thinking for a minute or so, I said that it was this one: How Muhammad Ali Was Deceived by Islam - YouTube


Friends is there a way to put all religion of the world into or made one

You’re grotesquely sick! This is not about right or wrong this is about your ego and arguing with people.

Ideologies that oppress people? Where have you been for the last 400 years? The same ideologies said by Jesus, used by slave master’s to oppress those who could not read. The part where Jesus says slaves be kind to your master’s. What fairytale are you living in?

Everyone. Just look intently on Dr Wood’s face each video he makes. It’s like he’s holding back some laughter or didn’t finish laughing at Proph Mo or something very funny before starting the video. Lol.
Sometimes it almost distracts me from listening to what he’s even saying.

Big ups Acts17Apologetics. Haha

look man in my family islam isn’t oppressing anyone. But your videos are right 100 percent. But I still follow islam just not the oppressive part. Also. Could you disable comments? Like just as a request because its just toxic to muslims down there. Like a guy called islam an “evil religion”. Like come on man thats messed up. Its ike those bad muslims that say christianity and judaism is evil. Its unfair.

And knowing is half the battle. G I Joe!

What happening in the middle east then and now
unrest war and conflict
Because of the religion of war
they migrated anywhere in the world to spread religion of war

Greetings from Pakistan David you are doing great work…:heart: God bless you

Good argument

Dear Brother David, I want to talk to you regarding my personal Matter, I’m in too much depression, I want to talk to a Christian counselor but I couldn’t find, please anyone help me

David i been following you for years god bless you my brother love you in the name of jesus Christ

:joy: Please write manuscripts on your work and hide them somewhere for future generations.

Goku would beat Saitama lol sorry had too

He also accidentally condemns allah :smiley: 9:29 “KILL those who do not BELIEVE in allah etc” & 9:30 "The Jews SAY: "Ezra is the son of Allah “(which no jew ever said); and the Christians SAY: “The Messiah is the son of Allah .” That is their STATEMENT from their MOUTHS; they imitate the SAYING of those who DISBELIEVED [before them]. May allah KILL them, how DELUDED are they ?” You don’t even need to mock Mo & islam to be condemned to death, just stating your own religious belief is enough. Just being deluded & astray is enough :smiley: Of course allah is the one who led you astray in the first place…

Learning more every video I see on Islam.

wrong ! misconceptionn ! Hadiths are FAKE , Quran is RIGHT never said such thing you’re reading fairy tales to serve your purpose of mocking Islam but you’re mocking yourself

David when are you writing a book?