A Muslim Challenges Me on Muhammad's Suicide Attempts!

Yesterday, I mentioned Muhammad’s suicide attempts. A Muslim in the comments challenged me to give a source on this claim. Let’s read a quick passage from Sahih al-Bukhari!

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QUESTION: How many Muslims have you ever met who knew about Muhammad’s suicide attempts but who heard it from their imams and not from us?

Mohammad is soo evil that I got him in my typing history.

What do you bet Khadija had some guy on call whenever she couldn’t find Muhammad. “Hey, go find my husband, and if he’s heading for the mountain, tell him what I told you to say.”

Read the Holy Quran not the hadits … hadits are just stories .

Hahaha… :bangladesh::sweat_smile:

Good luck to David deciphering these so-called “challenges”. They read like the person typing them was suffering some sort of stroke

If u was right, I would have known that it is wrong to transgress against the heavenly religions, but you are without education because you are talking nonsense about something you do not know, even though I am not a follower of the religion of Islam, but you must respect them, man! I am really amazed at how foolish those who support you in the comments are, you are all really sick because you are infringing on the rights and freedom of Muslims! If you have a different viewpoint from Islam, you can share it without transgressing them, because if you do not want anyone to question your religion, do not question others, just as Muslims are not children so that they do not know if their religion is not right. In the end, you must understand that this is their religion and beliefs and must You have to respect her no matter what you impudent​:neutral_face::bangbang:

Also, I am not religious, but if Islam is not right, then why is it the second largest religion in the world? Accept the fact that you’re just a bullshit bastard​:joy::joy:

Islam’s Prophet Muhammad said:
Wealth is not in having vast riches, it is in contentment.

— Bukhari, Muslim

Did Muhammed practice this? Requesting David to look into this??

Jibril on suicide watch :joy::joy::joy::rofl:

Well, David unfortunately you lie to poor Americans because they don’t read much about Islam We, as Muslims, have conditions for the authenticity of narrations, and this narration was mentioned in Sahih al-Bukhari, but it is not considered authentic, huh? How is that?
Because it is written at the beginning of the narration (it was said) or with the word (we have reached) that the Prophet and to the end of the narration, and this phrase means that the narrator was not sure of the authenticity of the narration because he did not originally live in the time of the Prophet. This narration is not correct because (Al-Zuhri) is not certain, and the conclusive evidence is that he said (we) have reached) or (it was said)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! just a false prophet

Thanks David. Tell them. That so called book. Kuran to be used as toilet paper. Tnks David wood. God will alway bless you

Before the part about suicide, in the arabic transcript it was mentioned the word which mean “we was informed” meaning that it may be false. Even if we assume that it is true, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is still a human being and not a god. I think this is better than a god killed on the cross

Muhammad was the Epstein of his time! Too bad he failed.

If u really dares go & ask idol worshipper temples & tell them ur god is just a wood & stone. Then see what will happens to u. But prophet mohammed did that.

:joy::joy::joy:David wood u are great. U know everything more than their fake mohamed. I work with Muslim people exactly how they behaves
They don’t correction

David, is there connection between the pause of revelation and the death of Waraqa?

MuhamMAD was suffering from what we now call as Schizophrenia & Alzheimer.:relieved::100:

Case #1: this hadith is false = Muhammad didn’t attempt suicide
Case #2: this hadith is true = Muhammad did attempt suicide + he is a prophet (bcoz he communicated with Jibril)

Pick one (no cherry picking)