A Muslim Sees the Problem of Abrogation in the Quran!

A Muslim recently admitted that the Islamic doctrine of “abrogation” (Allah abrogating or canceling certain verses and replacing them with better verses) suggests that Allah’s eternal speech contains contradictions. The Muslim thus rejected the doctrine. Unfortunately for our Muslim friends, the doctrine of abrogation comes directly from the Quran (2:106). David Wood discusses the issue.

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Who thinks we’re about to be abrogated from social media?

Mfw a CHRISTIAN is trying to mock Islam for abrogation.

Brother, the new Testament literally ABROGATED the entire old covenant and according to Christians it even replaced the THEOLOGY itself by introducing the trinity :skull:
So does this mean your Gods speech is not eternal according to yourself?

The abrogations in the Quran are for the first generation of Muslims, such as this popular example of alcohol, where Allah (ﷻ) first discourages alcohol, then says that you should not pray while intoxicated, and then he prohibits it all together.

This is for the companions, to make it easier for them. Because prohibiting it all in 1 go wouldnt be realistic.

So when Allah (ﷻ) says he will replace a verse with one like it OR BETTER than it, he means that it will be more beneficial.
And we Muslims today follow the example of the first generation of Muslims.

Thats all.

If you think our abrogation is ridiculous, then take a look at your own book.
At least we never abrogated our understanding of God himself lmao.
Went from having one God to getting a PhD in Mathematics mashallah.

Yalla السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته :sob:

Just because one verse is abrogated, doesn’t mean it’s false

Sir u speak the truth I want everyone to watch ur videos… U speak with logic and proofs :pray::pray::pray:Allah God bless u

“This Qur’an is nothing but the speech or Muhammad who has invented it.” -Epic burns of the seventh century.

No matter how many times l hear David say
The most obvious FALSE PROPHET in history
It never gets old

The view of abrogation that you address- the orthodox view- is not the only one in Islam.

That was beautiful, Brother!

You are doing sn amazing job!

First of all my whole family are still Muslims and i am the only Christian and they still accept me.
I had a really terrible childhood, my dad was literally beating my ass up for 6-8 years when I was a kid. When I was 14 I moved out of my parents house because I wanted to kill myself multiple times and I had enough of my dad abusing me. As i moved out satan/sheytan got me and had me in control, like I lost my virginity to really bad girls smoked weed drank alcohol and stuff like this. The only „religious“ thing I kept holding was not eating pork. So some years after I missed my mom and moved back home and my dad stopped beating me up but abused me really hard verbally. Because of the hard verbally abuse I got a hard Depression and the sucide thoughts came back. I didn’t eat for 2 days sometimes didn’t brush my teeth didn’t shower I was literally a living Zombie. In this time I read the Koran to get away the Depression but it got worse, so oneday i asked myself if the Koran the Word of God ain’t helping me try something else, so i started watching videos about Christianity and it was so amazing hearing all the Gospel for the first time, that God is Love that Jesus is not only a prophet but the son of god. Go read the Koran and find the words God is Love you won’t find those words! So I kept watching those Videos and watched some Films about Jesus and I cried and felt the presence of God for the first time ever, so I decided to surrender to Jesus and to give my life to the living god when I confessed that I am a sinner that I want to repent of my sins, that Jesus died for me on the Cross and raised from the dead on the third day, I cried literally a lake of tears and felt the presence of god so much I felt like Jesus was waiting for this moment for so long. Alright in this time I was reading the koran and the Bible to compare both books. I challenge all Muslims of this World to debate with me!
There is one thing in the Koran that doesn’t make any sense and it’s called the Quranic Dillema you can google it or watch it on YouTube! Surah 5 Verse 68 is telling that the Muslims should obey the Bible and the Thora but the Bible says (Jesus) says in the New Testament it is finished, no more revelation! And in the Koran I don’t know the surah now it says you re not allowed to have Christians and Jews as friends. How does that makes sense with Surah 5 / 68 ??? The next Crazy thing is that the Koran says the worst sin is shirk, shirk = praying to other gods then allah, SO HOW DOES IT MAKES SENSE when the Koran is saying on Surah 5 / 68 obey the Bible, obeying the Bible means also to pray to Yaweh the Father and also praying to Jesus. So the koran is telling Muslims to make shirk ??? So guys decide for yourself but for me the Koran is Satanic and comes from Satan, why is the Koran satanic ? Because Jesus warned us about false Prophets like Muhammed. You want prove Muhammed was a Demon possessed Man and a pervert pedophile ? Il give it to you !
Let’s beginn with the Bible how Maria got her Revelation from Angel Gabriel, Angel Gabriel came to Maria and said: Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God.
How did Muhammed get his Revelation from „Angel Gabriel“ ?
Muhammed was meditating on the mountain called Hira, one day when he was meditating an Angel of Light came to him and said: Read in the name of God who created.
Muhammed said I can’t read
The Angel of Light said again: Read in the Name of the God who created
So Muhammed told him again I can’t read:
So „Angel Gabriel“ took muhammed’s neck and choked him and said read in the name of your lord who created and he could read. Do you guys see the difference between the Revelation of Angel Gabriel to Maria and Muhammed?
So oneday i was reading the Bible and i was shocked. Satan can transform into a Angel of Light and deceive others. So after all I was 100% sure Muhammed got his Revelation from Satan transformed into a Angel of Light. The pervert pedophile thing I mentioned is that Muhammed had 9 Wifes and one of his wife’s called Aisha was 9 years old. More proof ? Okay.
Sahi Al Bukhari are hadithes of Muhammeds life, Hadith= everything what came out of Muhammeds mouth, and I don’t know the exact number of the Hadith but it says: I don’t even know if I get my revelation from a evil spirit or god, in another Hadith: Muhammed told his followers that he went to a cliff and wanted to kill himself because of the demonic spirit in him or in his mind, but the spirit was telling him not to commit sucide because he has to finish to fulfill the koran. You can google everything! Islam is not a Religion of Peace it has so much hatred in the Koran like Muhammed battled 64 wars in his lifetime and beheaded so many people like the ISIS nowadays. Btw Muhammed said if I die or you die I don’t know where I am going or where you going . But Jesus says if you follow me and take me as your lord and savior you shall get eternal life in heaven. Jesus never killed or made war against anyone. On the contrary Jesus healed and helped people. Another magnificent wonder is go on YouTube and write Jesus near death experience 90% of all people whose heart stopped saw their spirit out of their body and saw Jesus or a big white light and a tunnel and a feeling of love. What does Jesus say? I am the Light of the World.
Now go on YouTube and write Muslim dies and sees Allah and Muhammed, quick Spoiler you wont find 1 Video !!! So guys please go and read the Koran and the Bible for yourself and compare each other book. And I will guarantee you, you will see that the Bible is the truth! God bless you all!!!

The Quran in a translation of the meaning of the verses. So yes, you can understand most things, as they have been translated, but bear in mind that the translation is someone’s hard work in translating the meaning.

You won’t find a Quran that is translated word for word, because that wouldn’t make sense in the English language. The Arabic cannot be translated word for word into English, such that it will make sense to the reader. So all translators translate the meaning of the Quran and what was intended by the verses

So who is it that is considered such an authority that he can replace the word of Allah? It is obviously the work of many humans over centuries.

I and my father are one…I ofy own self can do nothing …but then it’s he is the alpha and Omega…he will judge …he is the king…he is first and the last…if he is first where is Adam who came first of creation…

Explaination of this Verse:

1-Abrogation is replacement of a directive of the shari‘ah by another one.

2-The actual word is: اِنْسَاء which means “to cause to forget.” The reference is to those directives of the Torah to which the Jews showed indifference and which, as retribution, were obliterated from their minds.

3-The actual words are: نَاۡتِ بِخَیۡرٍ مِّنۡہَاۤ اَوۡ مِثۡلِہَا. The particle اَوْ is for division. The implication is that the principles of the Torah which were abrogated because of evolution of society and change of circumstances were replaced by better ones and the ones that were caused to be forgotten were replaced by similar ones. None of these two sorts of replacement can be objected to. The first of them was a natural requisite of the change in circumstances and the other was necessary to compensate for the loss caused by the Jews to the corpus of religion as a result of which it was necessary to replenish the treasure of religion.

look you will believe what ever you were brought up with if the religion says you were once pond scum and became a human ,people brought up on that will believe it is the truth by the way thats a dig against the evolution bull masqurading as true science like moh masqurades as a messanger of God our job as followers of Jesus the son of God is to show them the lie and to come into the truth, God bless

Can you answer that zakir naik told mistake in Bible

Please make a playlist of all your remixes!!! :smiley:

We had the same issue and we asked Imam to explain , and he said ….:flushed::face_with_monocle::hushed:

God can do anything! even canceling himself !

Now that u say that different translation contradict each other thats rhe translation yes bur nothing in arabic contradicts itself. What u people say of not even having a single bible . Christian have so many bibles with contradictions within them and with each other.