A Question about Taqiyya

Shaykh Uthman ibn Farooq says one thing to Christians, but something completely different to Muslims, and he has been exposed for calling for the violent subjugation of the world. A number of Muslims have been condemning Shaykh Uthman for lying. However, lying is permissible in certain cases in Islam. In this video, David Wood asks one of Shaykh Uthman’s Muslim critics why the Shaykh’s deception is not permissible.

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Lies are created while truth exist , anything that is created have a life span so all lies must die according to nature it only takes time

dear David you do very smart and valuable content I want to understand all things what you say but english it is not my parental language and I understand less then half. if you switch on subtitles and option of translation it will be cool and I think more people in other countries get your interesting message.
do this please and bless you God, nice job.

They expose him because they want to go to war with us and it’s time we give it it to them

Great upload. Please forgive my poor English grammar, etc. Why cant the Muslims see how their religion tells them to do things God clearly tells us not to do in the ten commandments in both the Torah and the Bible if they still claim to believe in the same God that we and the Jews believe in. Why do they think that God suddenly would reject Himself and His teachings and instead all of a sudden chose to use Muhammed over Christ, He that was the fulfilment of so many prophecies, some very old even back then…and like that also demolish everything that the apostles did as well as all the promises/prophecies and all scripture that came before it(the Quran). What’s most likely, the Quran is wrong or the Torah, the Jews and Christians are all wrong and God rejects everything said and done up until that book was written by an obviously illiterate man that himself claimed to be possessed?
It’s sad to see how they deceive each other by telling lies about the Jews and the Christians and about all non-muslims. It’s sad to see so many people go that wrong because that’s what they are taught. And it’s a horrible thing to witness, the path of suffering and destruction they are causing in the name of their god Allah. We bring the salvation army with food and shelter for the poor and the gospel for those that want it, the Muslims bring an actual army of terrorists and death, and still, they claim to belong to the same God? Do they even know anything about God except through the Quran? They should know all the Jewish scripture if they are of the same God as the Jews, that would be their very foundation like it is to us…
I think ignorance is very probable. God is love, not anger hatred and death, but love and life eternal. Yeah, God is justice but He is also forgiving. More than anything, God wants us to love each other and believe His Word, not always an easy task but we will give it our best because of our most beloved God. John 3.16.

Islam is literally a joke :weary:

It is important to note when the Islamic verses you are referencing were revealed. It was revealed when the Muslims had gained a sizeable population and some of the Muslims were fake and befriending those who sought the Downfall of Islam. This is the context. You people love to take Facts, speak 2 truths and then 1 lie. Mixing it all up very conveniently.

Regarding Islam – the Qur’an says in Surah Nisa, Chapter 4, Verse No.82 – ‘Do they not consider the Qur’an with care? – Had it been from anyone besides Allah, there would have been many contradictions.’ ­­­­­­There is not a single. ­­­­­­

Regarding more contradictions in the Bible – five minutes will be insufficient – Even if they give me 5 days, its difficult. ­­­­­­ Any way I will just mention a few. ­­­­­­ It is mentioned in the 2nd Kings, Chapter No.8, Verse No.26, it says that ‘Ahezia, he was 22 years old, when he began to reign.’ ­­­­­­2nd Chronicles, Chapter No. 22, Verse No. 2, says that… ‘He was 42 years old, when he began to reign.’ ­­­­­­Was he 22 years old, or was he 42 years old? – Mathematical contradiction. ­­­­­­Further more, in 2nd Chronicles, Chapter No. 21, Verse No. 20, it says that… ‘Joaram, the father of Ahezia, he reigned at the age of 32 – and he reigned for 8 years, and he died at the age of 40. ­­­­­Immediately… Ahezia became the next ruler at the age of 42. ­­­­­­ Father died at the age of 40 – Immediately son takes over, who is at the age of 42. ­­­­­­How can a son, be two years older than the father?’ ­­­­­­Believe me even… even in Hollywood film, you will not be able to produce it. ­­­­­ In Hollywood film, you can produce a ‘unicorn’ which I mentioned in my talk. ­­­­­­ Unicorn… you can have Coccrodyasis, which the Bible speaks about, Concrodyasis and dragons and serpents. ­­­­­­But in Hollywood you cannot even show a son, being two years older than the father. ­­­­­­It cannot even be a miracle – Even in miracles; it is not possible – Impossible. ­­­­­­In miracle, you can have a person being born of a virgin birth – but in miracle you cannot have a son being older than the father, by 2 years.­­­­­­ Further if you read – it is mentioned in the Bible, in 2nd Samuel Chapter No 24, Verse No 9, that… ‘The people that were involved in the battlefield. ­­­­­ It gives a list of these people, in 2nd Samuel, Chapter 24, Verse No. 9, and it says that… ‘People that took part 800 thousand of the men of Israel, took part – and 500 thousand of the men of Judah same.’ If you see other places, 1st Chronicle, Chapter 21, Verse No. 5, it says that… ‘1 million – Hundred thousand people took part in the battle field, from the men of Israel – and ten thousand four hundred and sixty men took part of Judah.’ ­­­­­­Was it 800 thousand people who took part from the men of Israel, or was it 1 million – 100 thousand? ­­­­­­ Was it 5 lakh people of Judah that took part or 10,460? ­­­­­­A clear-cut contradiction. Further more, it is mentioned in the Bible in 2nd Samuel, Chapter No. 6, Verse No 23, that… ‘Michael the daughter of Saul – she had no sons’ – 2nd Samuel’, Chapter 21, Verse No. 8… ‘Michael the daughter of Saul had 5 sons.’ ­­­­­­One place it says… ‘No children, no son, no daughter’ – Other place… ‘5 sons.’ ­­­­­­Further more if you read, it is mentioned in Gospel of Mathew, Chapter No. 1, Verse No. 16 – it says about the genealogy of Jesus Christ peace be upon him – as well as Luke Chapter No. 3, Verse No. 23, and it says that… Jesus’ father, that is Joseph – his father was Jacob’ – Mathew, Chapter 1, Verse 16. ­­­­­­And Luke, Chapter No 3, Verse No 23… Jesus’ father… Joseph – his father was Hailey. ­­­­­­Did Jesus’ father… Joseph, had two fathers ? ­­­­­­ What do you call a person who has got two fathers ? ­­­­­­Or was it Hailey – or was it Jacob ? ­­­­­­Clear-cut contradiction. ­­­­­­

You are most welcome to islam :heart::heart::heart::heart:

I would of never thought Islam was so incoherent, deceiving, and such an evil religion. And more disturbing is that Muslim people don’t even use their logic to analyze and see the unrighteousness all across their book. The type of info coming from that Quran, it’s like gossip magazine. Not trying to compare here because there is evidently no comparison whatsoever, but what a difference is to read the Bible or even the Torah. Jesus Christ is Lord!!!

David I have a question for you. Are you constantly making videos about Islam to prove us wrong or to prevent Christians from becoming Muslims. When have you ever seen 1 Muslim scholar attacking Christianity as much as you attack Islam. Why don’t you focus more on preaching about your own religion. Or is it that you are not 100% convinced of Christianity and therefore you keep quiet on this subject.

Thanks for the truth!

Thank you Dr David Wood

Art of War

JW’s have the watchtower and I swear the writers for that obscene publication must read hadeeth because Islam and WT crap is SO MUCH ALIKE

According to these verses most of the muslims are not actually muslims. They have already betrayed their allah unknowingly.

Your Mansur is a fictional character behind a fake account.
I noticed most your videos are featuring that Mansur lately.

My sympathy for the Muslim women has lowered greatly then. If most think this way.

Taqiyya is the only reason anyone should ever need to defend themselves, their family, and their country against Islam.

Shake Uthman lying through his teeth. Disgusting! How can muslims trust this man?

I wonder what kind of people lie to get other people involved in a seemingly peaceful organisation before revealing the truth far too late… Oh I know, a cult!