A Terrorist's EPIC FAIL in Texas

Yesterday, a terrorist launched an attack at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas. The terrorist, Adam Alsahli, was the only one killed. Another embarrassing defeat for jihadis! David Wood discusses the issue.

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Minor Inconvenience attacks.

911 was an inside job you know that dave your not stupid

“We’ll see you at the funeral.”

MAN, that was savage. :joy::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Islam fails again…and Ex Muslim groups continue to grow bigger and bigger…Islam really IS CRUMBLING.

All terrorist attacks done in the name of Mo are quickly shown to not have anything to do with Mo. the media is very diligent in this.

Any attack made by anyone else is made to have a Christian spin by the media. They are also very diligent in this.

There is a reason why only one religion has a phobia attached to it. This religion, Islam, is intolerant and war like and has political ambitions. Islamaphobia is a word used to shame and fool the public into thinking this religion is harmless.

If these people keep killing themselves who is going to vote for Joe Biden?

That “stupid” woman needs a medal for what she did.

Thanks to people like you, Islam dying. Thanks Dr. David :two_hearts::dove:

I have a question its about a chapter in the bible. Can you explain it to me about the meaning of deuteronomy 21:22-23. I know Jesus is Lord and God but muslims try to use that for that he is not God.

Cry Muslims Cry

Ride on Brother

Will he get at least 15 virgins?

What about Jehovah witness???

D Wood going hard :muscle:t3:

Man. These terrorists are too smart for us. Maybe we should just give in? “Submit”? NOPE.

David you’ve got them on the ropes, keep it up!

Islam is the Biggest problem of the World. Love from India

Simply super sir…