ABC News Promotes Revolution Muslim as America's First Line of Defense

ABC News recently did a 20/20 special titled “Islam: Questions and Answers,” with Diane Sawyer, Bill Weir, and Lama Hasan. The program drew attention to moderate Muslims who will serve as America’s “first line of defense” against terrorism. Unfortunately, one of the moderate Muslims presented by ABC isn’t so moderate.

Without lies Islam dies. Thank you Dr. David

I mean the CIA did kill Kennedy

bring him back to islamic country…

this people insane…

This Sadiq guy should be in jail.

God bless you and your family David, keep up the good work for Lord

Islam is a peaceful religion, if you don’t believe it we will kill you🤣
How can it be hate death and destruction in the Quran and not be in Islam?

There is some evidence of a possible state-sanctioned killing of MLK jr, everything else he says is silly.

Islam is a medieval, feudalistic, patriarchal system that in itself cannot change!

Hi, this bloody Barak Obama is an evil…get rid of this evil from the American soil…

Hi,if it’s so, they will destroy America by planting bombs everywhere in the country… this is the only community in the world that cannot be trusted not even by 1 percent…

Hi, these so called muslims will certainly dig the ditch for America, if they’re put up in responsible positions in America… like Obama, who never liked the well-being of America…

Its obvious that this David guy has some kind of political agenda since he always criticizes Islam for its belief system and not Judaism which is also a monotheistic faith like Islam and does not believe in jesus as God. At least we should be sincere and honest in whatever religion we follow because we can’t take chances with our lives. We all have to answer to our deeds and face Allah (The God) one day.

So David is cutting and pasting clips of a passionate Muslim to vaccinate people not to pay attention to his message… Very clever. Why would one trust a cross dresser?

LOL. Yup. Exactly. Most of them are peaceful… and peacefully increasing in population at rates higher than most other religions or countries… there can’t possibly anything wrong with that… except that when a certain people of a political religion get closer to a majority they begin to affect more and more of that country’s policies and views. Yup. Nothing to see here. Go back to sleep America. Don’t bother looking at history. Also don’t bother clicking this link…

Muslims love to run into the arms of Christians for refuge. i don’t understand why they don’t run to a Muslim country and live there happily ever after adding a refugee.

David Woods May the Almighty creator of mankind curse you and all that follow you for the mischief and lies that you use to turn monotheistic people against one another ,The humble and kind prophet Muhammad showed 2 billion Muslims how to love your biblical prophets yet the extremist in any religion find ways to divide and destroy humanity for their own political agenda such as yourself. Lo to you and all that ye worship other than the Merciful and most gracious creator of the universe ,Amen.The wrath of God is upon you David Woods .

I will never understand islam and I think I don’t want to. That Sadiq’s message is inflated with war and political rhetoric. Where is the worship?.

Despite all the islamophobia, bigotry and propaganda against Islam - islam is the fastest growing religion in the world in general and in the west in particular- not only in the States but also Europe, Canada and Australia. The number of native white converts to Islam in the west is growing than ever before , the number of mosques in the west is growing than ever before. This is the testimony of one and only true religion (way of life) in the sight of God (our creator).
People are turning away from the Churches and other falsehoods and accepting truth by the will of God.
Islam will spread in every corner of the world by the will of God.
Truth prevails and falsehood perishes.
May Almighty God enlightens the hearts and souls of all fellow human beings to truth which is Islam and which has been the religion of every prophet including Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all). All of them taught monotheism - to worship and pray to one and only Almighty God (the creator of the heavens and the earth).

Islam means to submit your will to Almighty God to acquire peace and tranquility. Islam teaches love peace harmony and co-existence with fellow human beings regardless of race colour ethnicity and nationality.
May Almighty God’s blessings mercy and peace be upon all of you.
Love and peace from Germany.