ABC's Islam Deception--Part Four: Muhammad and Religious Tolerance

According to a recent 20/20 special on ABC News, Muhammad promoted tolerance towards all religions. Unfortunately for Diane Sawyer and Islam’s other Western defenders, the facts tell a quite different story.

Is if possible she’s not doing it knowingly? What if she’s only reporting what she’s being told by a Muslim consultant without fact-checking? Doesn’t make it much better though.

You’re the best David. God bless your family

I rewatch these. Such great material.

11 YEARS AGO!? Who knew psychopaths were so committed.
God bless you D-Wood. You’re doing great work.

Oh my gosh lol love your videos keep up the great work.

Personally speaking I have stopped ABC NEWS. Thanks for opening many eyes David. Looks like the MSM ) incl ABC news) is bent on lying, manipulating and promoting a religious ideology to it’s viewers.
Misrepresentation, intolerance and rotten reporting "nullshi* Diane S.
Maybe you will s place with those 70 + “virgins” in heaven?

watching this exactly 10 years ago. who’s with me??

So damn funny :joy::joy:


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What in the world

It makes me so angry that people are willingly ignoring this. And that Muslims refuse to acknowledge this and continue to lie that Islam is a religion of peace

Absolutely fantastic. It’s a pity we don’t have a David Wood here in Britain. Our BBC and Channel 4 would distort " tolerant Islam" just as ABC have done. I am a recent finder of your’s and Sam’s teaching and now listen to at least 2 to 3 hours a day. I’ve been a Christian for 54 years and don’t get such good teaching in our churches. Keep up the good work

God bless u brother David

They are not partially responsible they are equally responsible. Because the one who hides the crime protects the criminal from justice, and in turn give that criminal the opportunity to commit the exact same crime again and again. They might even be more guilty, because if it weren’t for them the crime may have only happened once rather than a hundred times. Like the kingpin who sends henchmen to murder apostates.

Diane Let’s Go To The Source … The Quran … It Proves Everything About islam Wrong …Tell The Truth You Cowards…!!! The quran lectures You about what to do … mostly for muhammad … why can’t muslims make their own choices and choose for themselves without the fear of persecution from their own people … not persecution from outsiders…!!! Speak The Truth Through Christ Jesus …!!!

So I’m to be subdued until I’m sub-dude?

David wood ur so handsome love you god bless you…