ABC's Islam Deception--Part One: Raisins or Virgins in Paradise?

Muhammad promised that his followers would spend eternity deflowering virgins. Yet ABC News and Irshad Manji denied this in their 20/20 special, “Islam: Questions and Answers,” suggesting to American viewers that the Qur’an merely promises “raisins” to Muslims who enter paradise. Unfortunately for ABC, the Qur’an refutes their claim.

Voluptuous raisins. We cannot trust a damn thing these people say. You should see how absurd it is in 2022 David. Lord help us.

Sounds like a great religion if you are a pervert.

If a man gets raisins in paradise what does a woman get? Peanuts?

I can not just laugh at ONE RELIGION trying to diss another RELIGION. RELIGION IS UNPROVEN BELIEF SYSTEM. In plain language, a delusion created by an organized group. So you can not say Islam is less moral than Christianity. Christianity also contains many nonsense and “sexual immorality” which contradicts itself. Deuteremony condemns cousin marriage and marrying your niece and aunt. While Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, “chosen servants of God” clearly married their sisters and cousins. Will God of Old Testament just make up his mind? Or he condones the immoral practices of his servants as long as they blindly follow him. Solomon and David, ones supposedly favored by Old Testament God, had more than four wives. David had many adulteries and claiming the wife of killed enemy must not have been “immoral” to him. Since David did it not once, but he was a repeat offender. He even engineered a plot to kill his subordinate so he can permanently wed his loyal servant’s wife, Bethsheba, An act that God of Bible tolerated. Since David not only successfully killed Uriah, he wed Bethsheba, afterwards and even had Solomon. If it was in pagan Rome, the emperor would have been assassinated by the vengeful husband-Caligula, who raped the wives of Senators and later the vengeful husband killed him.

Grapeaphilia hahahahahaha!!!

It’s pretty disgraceful that the journalist let it go with that interpretation. He can’t not be that ignorant can he? I think not.

Remember the television commercial for California raisins where the raisins are dancing to the song “I heard it thru the grapevine”? Lol

Hope you will contact ABC news ? But they probably aren’t interested in raisining with anyone with reason!

who knew the California Raisins would be raped in heaven for all eternity ha ha ha ha

When you’re dealing with the rantings of an illiterate which were haphazardly put together over centuries afterward, and when the best of it is clearly plagerized from actual legitimate ancient scripture, then what you get is the ability to make it mean whatever you want to believe. It’s all illigitimate.

Maybe Manji is correct. They do get 72 dark eyed RAISINS. Imagine a human sized female looking raisin and you have to “entertain” a hundred of these “Raisins” everyday. I think that would be an ideal HELL for each jihadist. I will send a drawing of a Female looking Human Sized “Raisin” upon request.

Women get raisins, men get virgins I guess

What if a man is asexual ? What will he get instead ?

Thank you David.
I think my biggest regret about David’s Videos is that they don’t often have a good ‘copy & paste’ list in their Further information section. It can be VERY hard to keep up with a list of Arabic names - especially amongst the hadiths - so that each reference can be checked & confirmed personally before using them in discussions.
Anyway, thank you. Anyone got any more?

Here is what we have so far;

72 “Raisins” to be cheerful!

Qur’an 44:5154 the righteous shall be wed to dark eyed virgins [houris]
Qur’an 52:20 we shall marry them to virgins/houris, female, fair ones with wide lovely eyes…
Qur’an 55, 46 …therein are bashful virgins whom neither man nor jinee will have touched before…
Qur’an 55, 70-74 In each garden there shall be virgins chaste & fair, dark-eyed virgins sheltered in their tents…untouched by man or jinee…
Qur’an 56, 22-4 And there will be companions with beautiful big & lustrous eyes…
Qu’ran 56, 35-8, …we have created them (maidens) of special creation & made them virgins, loving their husbands only, equal in age…
Qur’an 78, 31-4, ….gardens and vineyards and maidens with swelling breasts, like of age and a cup overflowing…
Sunan Ibn Majah 4337, “There is no one whom Allah will admit to Paradise but Allah will marry him to seventy-two wives, two from houris and seventy from his inheritance from the people of Hell, all of whom will have desirable front passages and he will have a male member that never becomes flaccid.

Personally…I might find the sight of a bashful, loving raisin with wide lovely eyes & huge swelling breasts, and “desirable front passage”, lounging on a silk cushion waiting to wed me…a bit scary, if I’m honest.
But, HEY, perhaps that’s just a cultural thing!

Up till now Muhammed would have been unsafe as a babysitter because of his lusting itch for little girls, NOW apparently you’d have to hide the FRUIT BOWL too!
Paedophilia, some are obviously quite happy to overlook (poor Ayesha & Muhammed’s subsequent victims via his followers) but “Fruitophilia”?!

Hey, it dawns on me; haven’t you got your burqas & veils on all the wrong TYPES now?!
Perhaps for the sake of trying to prevent unchaste thoughts, people ought to be stitching little mini-burqas for all those lovely dark-eyed raisins just hanging out completely NAKED in the fruit section at Morrisons!
Perhaps these “raisins” could have little “tents” to shelter in, like the ones chilling out on silk cushions in the garden…?
People really should write & complain, it’s shocking!

So much for the “mistranslation”…

At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.
Matthew 22:30

Brother I am in no way calling myself a religious person however, I do have multiple editions of Bible as well as Quran in my home, just for comparisons and understanding each side’s stories better. I looked up each and every verses you have mentioned, however realized the translations are wayyyyy off from yours. For example, I did not see such phrases as “swelling breasts”. I can list more but don’t want to waste your time. So, just a reminder, that maybe you should try to remember that translations from one language to another (in this case, arabic to English) can be complicated, just as Hebrew to English can also be complicated. Again, I’m in no way calling myself as a devoted religious person of any religion here. Just stating my own observation, that’s all.

It’s almost like all of these mainstream media companies and journalists are actually working with the enemies to pollute our populace.

God bless you brother

In all honesty I’d go with raisins…