Adnan Rashid Blasts Allah and Muhammad for Affirming the Bible!

In his latest video, Adnan Rashid attacks us for telling people that the Quran affirms the Bible. Ironically, Allah and Muhammad claimed that the Bible affirms the Quran, which means that Adnan was accidentally rebuking his own god and prophet for their methodology!

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We’ll be LIVE again TODAY at the Euro-friendly time 4:00pm (Eastern Time). We’ll address Adnan’s claim that the Quran is the guardian of the Bible. Here’s the link: - YouTube

So a small party rejected and corrupted what they were taught and read supposed to confirm that the whole Bible is corrupt. So because a perverted evil man corrupted God into his image and created a new religion based upon the words of an angel hiding in a cave… interesting. Even though the quran makes a claim that the word of God is incorruptible aka the quran, but the other books given from God are? So this Allah can not preserve the Torah and the gospels but can preserve the quran? Then my guess is Allah is not the God of the Hebrews or the jews or the Christians

God bless you brothers.

Any Muslim seeing my (this) comment: these guys Like David Wood and Sam Shamoun are fooling people, they manipulate the truth to fool people. They edit videos to add their wrong comments.

Am I Christian, I have a fellow brother who was a Muslim but now a Christian but currently disguised as a Muslim, because his father seized everything he has right to and stopped funding for his school, so he’s left with no choice than to be Muslim outwardly but Christian inwardly. Pls guys help me pray for him, let the fire of the Holy Spirit burn through him in his family :pray::pray::pray:

DW, I feel very proud of you in your program sharing the truth & enlightenment to the muslim’s world. I believe numerous muslims are watching & learning from your program and will continue to guide their concience to wake up & accept the lies and deceit about the teachings of their islamic religion.

  I believe our God will continue to bless you abundantly, the same with the family, and co-workers.
    May the mind of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit provide you more strength, wisdom, and courage in facing the difficult challenges you face daily in your highly educational program. 
I believe the Holy Spirit and the holy angels of our God continues to minister and protects you and family in whatever you do and wherever you go. 
   Praise & glory to our God for your exemplified courageous work and in your commitment to shed light while in this dark world. 
    Praying & I salute you, DW!

From Malawi :malawi:… Since I came across this channel, my life has never been the same as a Christian.

U guys are a blessing… mumakwana 100%

the end was very specific describing the whole Contradiction.

Shameless, you are a CLASSIC!
You too Davey boy!!

Adnan tested positive of Quran-al virus… Get well soon “brother”

God knows which abrogated Quran is Adnan is reading out of 37.

Islam is a shirt! Jesus sabes haleluja

I need surgery as my sides are splitting.
Is this really the height of their scholarly achievements? What a joke!

:child::point_right: Adnan you are BBQ, Surah 10:94 So if you are in doubt, [ O Muhammad ] , about that which We have revealed to you, (then ask) those who ( have been reading the Scripture) before you. ,:child::point_right:.Q 5:68 Say, “O People of the Scripture, you are Standing on nothing [ Until ] you uphold [ the Law of the Torah, the Gospel ] and what have been revealed ( to you) from (your Lord )” :wave::child: later muslims. Thanks to David Wood for teaching us about this Quran Verses.:child::+1:

hhh, the Bible does not confirm the Quran. it doesnt even mention it. but Mohamet confirmed the Bible (or what he took from the Nasara as the “original” Injiyl), io to win them for Islam. kind of, see we believe the same and in the same god. now his Tasdiyq “strikes back”. hhh

I still can’t get over that in the Quran Job made a two-by-four out of reeds and struck his wife.

How can Muslims in the same breath claim that the Bible predicted the arrival of Muhammad( although it doesnt ) and say that the Bible is corrupted?

Gods word shall stand on its own right! Gods all mighty he needs no defence ,why do Muslims need to protect Islam with violence?couod it be deep down Muslims know,Allah and mos word doesn’t have the righteous cornerstone of God !

David Wood : Bible is true and authentic and doesn’t have scientific errors.
Me (Muslim) : Okay Boiz, let’s read it.
Bible : Earth has pillars
Me : I’m outta here