Advice for Future Apologists
In 1 Peter 3:15, Christians are commanded: “In your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” From the Greek word for “give an answer” comes the word “apologetics.”

Christians are commanded to be apologists. But how do we go about this? In this video, seven experienced Christian apologists (Douglas Groothuis, Gary Habermas, Craig Hazen, Mike Licona, Nabeel Qureshi, Mary Jo Sharp, and Frank Turek) give advice to future apologists.

Apologetics is so fun and also very compulsory in the Christian world, all churches and all Christian parents should raise their children to be devout followers of Jesus Christ and Christian apologists!

I’ll add one: “don’t be a jerk”

All child of God must be an apologist ,we must know who we Believe what we Believe why Believe what we believe .am I wrong fellow Christians?

Oh dear Nabeel great advice I won’t forget

anyone here who’s pursuing apologetics studies I would like to have conversation with you, hehe thankss in advance

What we are seeing in us prooves that apologists failed

A formal education is what Frank Turek kept stressing. The apostle Paul was formally educated and all the other apostles were not. But what they all did have in common was being filled with the Spirit and knowing the Word. That’s what anyone in ministry needs.

Frank Turek: Formal education for something like apologetics is obsolete with the advent of Google scholar and access to hundreds of thousands of peer reviewed scholarly articles that you can read from your couch for free. We don’t need to pay $80,000 to join the guild.

The thumbnail :blush:
There were days when I used to open YouTube in an anticipation That Nabeel must have put up a new video! How I wish if here were there! :sweat:

Thanks for the advice. Apologist in training

Thank God for Apologies , Especially against the Black Hebrew israelites who love to take Scriptures out of context 1 Peter 3:15 :crossed_swords:

I’m starting to have this desire to be an apologist here in the Philippines. But there are still some doubts and fear.

(Ashley coe) i just turned 30 and feel pulled into apoligetics i am getting started late in life but feel its were god wants me

Very informative

Thank you David for posting this short but very helpful video. God bless you richly.

I think the hard part for me is create a comfortable environment for the inquirer/critic . . . i will try

From an athiest learn two things

  1. Learn what fallacies and strawmen are because if you can’t be truthfull you come across as untrustworthy

  2. The most common questions that athiests are asked and that athiests ask christians because

These questions will come up alot and some of them has huge problems like pascals wager that assumes there is only 1 religion

yep that is true. focus on education first. really study hard and get prepared. remember, Jesus didnt start his ministry until he was what 32 33? so dont get too impatient

Advice for future apologists; don’t.