Afghan Refugee Muhammad Riyad Goes on Slashing Spree on German Train (David Wood)

Germany took in more than a million refugees in 2015. One of these refugees was an Afghan teenager named Muhammad Riyad. Two weeks ago, Riyad left the refugee center and was welcomed into the home of a German foster family. He responded to the kindness and generosity of the German people by boarding a train and shouting “Allahu Akbar!” while hacking and slashing Germans with an axe and a knife. After fleeing the scene, he was surrounded by German police. He charged the police with his axe, and they shot him dead. Police later searched the young man’s room and discovered a homemade ISIS flag. ISIS later released a video of Riyad pledging allegiance to the terrorist group and proclaiming that he was going to die in a suicide attack.

Police and the media are reporting that the young jihadi’s motive is unclear. In this video, David Wood discusses Germany’s response to the attack.

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how come i as a german never heared about this happened?

Horrific act! Where are the young Muslims going? Definitely brain overheated!

I think this Islam maddnes have something to do with the spirit of the antichrist, because it s Not normal this people that rule on government protect Islam and are so sensitive Offending this religion when Christianity it’s continually offended by Muslims considering all non Muslims worst of creatures.

Many people are understanding… you just keep doing great. God bless you.

God bless you, David !

That one word towards the end, really clinched it! …AGAIN…

Muslim are victims of Islam so sad. an young Afghan brainwashed by Arab Islamic EVIL ideology

imagine if david had become a muslim

Hi dear brother David,its a punishment to the head of the German state and the people of Germany…,…let them realise the truth… the Germans don’t want the Christians… their brothers, but they want muslims,…ok… … let them reap their own harvest…

Its 2018 no different mo mo all d.way

daaam! 1:35 - 1:47 , shots fired / 3rd degree burn / thug life

Dear leaders of the West: You can import all the Muslims you want if you will do one thing. At 10:00pm, without a security detail, and incognito, walk through a Muslim no-go zone with a large white cross hanging from your neck (about four inches tall) singing “As Long as I’ve Got King Jesus” in a loud voice. If you survive for more than an hour, I, and I’m sure many others, will change their minds and agree that Muslims aren’t that bad afterall.


The word at the end…ouch !

dude you need to educate yourself first and foremost of what jihad means. hatred makes you blind. have a good day

David Wood for British Prime Minister!


great vidéo, thank you

Dear David . . I respect you and listen you a lot because I see you are well informed . . . But . . You are also human and can make mistakes like we all do .

You made a comment Germany took in 2 million refugees . . These Migrants were not refugees . .they are a organized set up migration invasion to destroy Germany’s economy & morals and the same is happening all around the world . . This design set is played by Zionist who also created ISIS to do its dirty work .