Ahmed Deedat and the Deity of Christ (David and Anthony LIVE, 8:00pm ET)

Tonight at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), David Wood and Anthony Rogers will go through some of Ahmed Deedat’s objections to the deity of Christ.

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abut your daughter sickness just command what ever sickness is in faith it must go not in hope no but just believe it that she will be heald just like that ok Anthony
god bless by

What nonsense. . . .Deedat was a truthful man …what are you saying …

Thanks, may God protect you.

Imagine if a guy like David Wood comes along except he is Muslim and starts making fun of Christianity. Eating pieces of the Bible (every version) Say things like “holy Goats” , tells David he tried to kill his own Dad bcos "he and his father are one and he was actually trying to commit suicide etc etc… Just making fun of everything. Using a fine tooth comb through the Bible and quoting all the negative stuff (and there are a lot), I’m sure Christians would be very offended. If David Wood keeps up his type of preaching intellectual debate will be gone, it’s just going to be mockery from both sides.

Dw quoted the right verse it quran 9:28 :clap::clap::clap::clap:

AR you nailed it man Deuteronomy 32:39

The context starts in verse 23 :flushed::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Anthony looks like someone about to steal a car


I am a Christian and both of you are ingnorant and manipulative in discussing Ahmed Deedat … Selective clips and word salad justifications are for the theologically juvenile bible thumpers … This is not a deep and meaningful opinion , in the absence of the person whom you are contradicting . :-1::-1:

It’s funny how they spent so long addressing the crowd’s reaction to Deedat but they never presented a compelling argument to what Deedat ASKED, it shows you how butthurt they are and the lack of intelligence.

If this is hw it is…then why didn’t the christian scholars of that time provide the information

Bring a Muslim cleric who knows how to speak English and discuss with him ,not a dead man.

Does anybody know hoe Deedat came to his end; how he died? I think he regreted his life.
I think his dead looked like Mohammeds. Why would God let these men die this way?

Jesus was a Muslim just like Adam, Noah,Abraham and Moses end of story

When it was question time everyone asked on English!!! The people say Allahu akbar because ahmed deedat everything he said made Logic

Christianity has too many contradictions and a lot of confusion, which is justified by the most illogical reasonings instead of looking at it in a simple way. In fact, there’s not a single UNAMBIGUOUS verse in the complete Bible where Jesus HIMSELF claims divinity or where he says to worship him. If that’s not enough then what about the 50 CHRISTIAN scholars of the highest eminence that ALSO rejected the claim that Jesus is the BEGOTTEN son of God. If that still isn’t enough, then look at any of the number of scientific contradictions within the Bible. My point is although the Bible holds a lot of truth, it also contains many contradictions via corruption from the so called followers of the faith.

David is Satan. Animy of humanity.