Al Qaeda Uses George Floyd Death for Islamic Dawah

Al Qaeda is now using the death of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests to recruit future jihadis. David Wood discusses Al Qaeda’s use of U.S. tensions for Islamic dawah.

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How pathetic of Islam? Deceivers! Evil doers! Islam must be abolished in the world.

Biden has built back Al Qaeda better than ever

“…between white and black.” Do people not realize that 1. Islam is racist against black people 2. The world isn’t just made of black and white people, in fact there are many nationalities and races in the world, not just “white and black”. How ignorant and uneducated can people be? “My people perish for a lack of knowledge…”

Islam is against racism? Ha, that’s a good one. Islam is the “religion” of Arab superiority: everyone who joins it is forced to act like an Arab, bow down in “prayer” to Arabia, follow Arabian deities, and so on. It was a religion created to unite the Arab people to wage war against non-Arabs. Furthermore, the scholars made Arab superiority an explicit and important tenant of the religion. This is especially funny since quite often the Al Qaeda types are NOT Arabs.

Wow more stupid.

So Al Qaeda are just like Al Jolson in that they both wear blackface to gain popularity.

Narcoterrorists & jihadis will use gender identity politics to their own advantages.


Acts17apologetics I love the ending to your videos… almost always a mic-drop

CRAZY… I can’t believe al-qaeda is advancing their lying technique.
But i still feel that those antifa liberals may get deceived, because they are too stupid.

Please collab with Pushpendra Kulshreshtha :pray:t2:
You are omniscient :pray:t2::100::india:

If it wasn’t so ANTIFA driven
& sponsored by people who hate America it’d be down right harmful. “Oh wait, it is.
How does one dismantle the most loving & generous countries in the world? People are literally dying to get into this “fascist/racist” nation. Yet our over paid, teachers & fat cat unions are teaching our children 1918 propaganda even liberal historians have issue with.
You create a conversation that has nothing to do with the future and everything to do with the past. Than you create an impossible BLM litmus test. In which all parties are guilty unless you kiss the ring of the NEW INSTITUTION, in which you’re controlled by the past & a diabolical Marxists regime. While this madness is happening all of the sudden a pandemic is appears where the citizens can no longer communicate naturally & where much of the communication & “social distancing” is all created on line, being documented & stored for the next highest bidder. Now you have all these humans cocooned & suspended in a virtual argument about the past you had nothing to do with & a future that depends on corrupt & created mass hysteria.
See how they run?

We born again Christians do not care about black white asian whatever you are if you aren’t a born again Christian you are not my brother you are not my sister

This is the dumbest nonsense I’ve heard in a long time. These moronic morons of a group are liars and cowards. Just what the devil does, seizing opportunities to act as if he’s the good guy in this story.
God bless them very much as they see Floyd’s death as a means to an end. am so pissed

This story could only happen in 2020​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

David wood is a joke


we don’t need Sharia, but it is not a lie that western rulers are lying pricks, they fund White Helmets and bomb syrian civilians and then they turn around and say that they care about those people and that is why they put more sanctions on them. (Robert Spencer said that Assad is a secular ruler)
and bank owners and corporations really aren’t good for common people. but that’s not any business of Al-Qaeda.

Yes Islam does not promote racism which means basically that one group of people with a different skin-color is superior to another group of people.

No Islam form of racism cuts right through people of the very same skin-color declaring one group as the BEST OF PEOPLES and degrading the other to being the worst of creatures .

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. in Allah’s opinion is one of the worst of creatures , while a simple-minded sportsperson like “Muhammad Ali” is one of the BEST OF PEOPLES .

While Dr King Jr will roast eternally in Allah’s hell for rejecting Allah and being a Christian , Muhammad Ali will enjoy an endless male member which never goes soft and many many many raisins …