Ali Dawah and Mohammed Hijab: Uniting Critics, Dividing the Ummah

Ali Dawah and Mohammed Hijab are planning to divide the critics of Islam. The problem is that they’re the ones who are uniting critics of Islam! The only thing Dawah and Hijab are dividing is the Ummah.

For the full discussion with David Wood and the Apostate Prophet (“Ali Dawah Debate Review | David Wood & Apostate Prophet”), click here: Ali Dawah Debate Review | David Wood & Apostate Prophet - YouTube

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Davids impression on ali is epic :joy:

As a Jew, I approve this message.
Islam wants all dead or subjugated.

I’m an abrahamic apostate and critic who is a ancient near eastern polytheistic type satanist but I agree that Christians and some jews (namely henotheists) by large have developed an understanding with non abrahamic what piece actually is which by definition is to be free from war and is tranquil and modern idea of peace that has been around for centuries irregardless of religion
(minus a few sects and independent paths that I dont get along with because they are theologically isolative jengoistic hyper dogmatists in all 3 main stream religions abrahamic religions(screw those kind abrahamics there are better ones in world just like all religions have their good and bad))

I just realized this music was made from Ali Dewah’s voic​:joy::joy:

Ali Dawah :“And we are proud of that!!”

Love you loads David. God bless you both. :heartbeat: May God give you both the wisdom and strength to speak to those ‘blind’ people. Love the contents. :rofl:

The Dizzle does the best impressions of islamic apologists!

David woods humor


Dude I did not expect that’s would be so funny it really sounds like Ali dawah ridiculous :rofl:

Oh man lovers reunited in pictures

Dirka! dirka! Mohamed jihad!!

Dirka! dirka!

You cannot defeat my logical, scientific, historical, philosophical arguments do I don’t have to answer yours!

Mohamed jihad! Dirka! dirka!




1:19 again even in your debates, you are ignorant, no we won’t kill people like you when we are in the postion of power, but surely we will defend ourselves fiercely. You gotta be stupid to believe that we will kill who doesn’t agree with us.
Our role model Muhammed (s) his neighbors were non believers and treat him horribly, but guess what he didn’t kill them, but they wanted death for him tho. They tried, but couldn’t, same attempt for you here to try to prove a stupid falsified point.

The hilarious part is, you mocking how they speak, it shows how weak you are and it also shows that Hijab and many others got into your head in so many occasions, but it’s okay you and all the hateful comment section in here can talk all you want, I will be always on the side of my muslim brother, and I will also be always willing to teach guys about Islam, cause I know better than just bullying someone’s belief.

Islam is always great Alhamdulillah. I Love Islam and Allah is almighty and prophet Muhammad PBUH is greatest person all the time :heart: Islam is the real religion and fastest growing religion on earth. Billions of non muslims reverted/converted to Islam cause Islam is the truth there is no God but Allah and prophet Muhammad is final messanger of Allah Almighty :star_and_crescent:And Islam is unstoppable people more hate Islam then Islam will grow faster Alhamdulillah If ur non muslim read Quran and pray for guidance May Allah guide you :heart::star_and_crescent:

david wood and christian prince are the best in impressions :joy:

AD is an undercover agent exposing islam

:+1::+1: The truth unite us. For muslims they are united in lies and hate. Hate is their universal code against everyone else around the globe.

They burn churches for the reason that they hate seeing crucifix on the roof of the building… The crucifix doesn’t bother anyone but them. its haunting muslims. :joy:
That’s prophetic legacy of mohd.

Someone gave the acronym for islam… I-gnorance, S-atanic, L-ies, A-rrogance, M-anipulation. I think its brilliant n accurate menu list of what we’re dealing with. God help us. :latin_cross: