Ali Dawah DESTROYS the Apostate Prophet! (And Christianity!)

Ali Dawah just destroyed the Apostate Prophet on Twitter by challenging him to say that Christianity is stupid! Ali Dawah even says that he’s going to attack Christianity at his debate with AP! Rejoice, Muslims of the world! Islam, the Quran, and Prophet Muhammad are saved! Support Ali Dawah!

#AliDawah #ApostateProphet

Everyone is destroying each other!

It’s weird seeing these muslims so upset about people leaving islam, but they are not really upset at those people lost islamic salvation, they are just upset the had the balls to leave even under duress and threat of death…

It’s not respectable to mock people in this way, that’s why the brother Hijab was a bit aggressive during the debate and now I understand him

LMFAO. The voice acting is funny af.

This is a prophecy of jonh that will come to pass this prophecies had not yet be fulfill it most come to pass definitely in the last days

My dude said “foundations” when it really read “fountains”. I bet thats how they read their bible too. They see what they wanna see and then come up here and criticize islam lol. :smiling_face_with_tear: stay in school kids or this could happen to you too.

Spot on impression

Ali dawah is an immature baby why yells a lot and calls people idiots etc. He acts a baby. Why would anyone care what he has to say. He always goes off topic. He has nothing to say so he rants about nothing. The guy has no brains. Islam has no respectable leaders because the religion is false and only appeals to lost sous trying to be cool. Islam isn’t cool. Just listen to Ali dawahs talking and you see why Muslims are running away from Islam. It’s a ridiculous violent religion.

The NWO is going to use ISLAM to rule the world .
That is wy they are pro ISLAM.
All over the west the goverments are pro ISLAMIC immigration.

It was a complete failure for muslims to emigrate to the west, bringing along their false religion and violent behavior, Now the whole west is made aware of their insane beliefs and are logically destroying them on all fronts. I do not delight in this at all, Im crying blood tears for all who have had their life destroyed in the name of this false religion. This religion seems to have been made for making division and strife amongst men. Maybe it was made in the chamber of HaSatan, deep down in the cellars of the Vatican?

You are a champion David…

Dave, you are only viewing one side of the verses of the Holy Quran. It does say that the sun sets in a muddy pool but this was told in Surah Al Ahzaab where the Gog and Magog or Yajuj Majuj where locked up. Please try and read the whole verse or surah before you put them in your videos so that you can understand the True meaning of the Quran

Just seeing this video now. It’s amazing that Ali Dawah attempts to call Christianity a stupid religion and tries to get AP to do so, all while claiming to be pious Muslim man yet forgets that in the Quran it discourages backbiting towards others although ironically many Muslim MEN I’ve noticed tend to ignore this very verse

10:20 My man’s spitting bullets!! :joy::joy::joy: Absolute destruction…

Your Ali Dawah voice had me rolling!

How I can send you videos

Hey David ,please explain why God needed to slaughter infants and children in the Old Testament.

I would really appreciate your genuine answer. Thanks

Ali da3wa is a jock :joy::joy:

When Indian atheists attack Hinduism,they say similar things attack Christianity and islam.ridiculous argument.

Usually Ex hindu atheists attack Hinduism because they see the need ,like caste superstitions affecting people.

A.p also has good reasons to criticize Islam.

So is the Christian atheists