Ali Dawah Prays for Allah to Give Us Diseases!

Ali Dawah tweeted a prayer for Allah to give us terrible diseases. While some of his followers objected, the overwhelming majority joined him in praying for Allah to curse us. Will we survive the spiritual attack of the great god Allah? Find out as we continue teaching Mohammed Hijab a valuable lesson about threatening and abusing women on Twitter.

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LOL! Since a bunch of people are asking where they can get my shoes, maybe I’ll eventually put all of my “Quran Crafts” on Ebay for people who would like some souvenirs!

Those Shoes look dope man :rofl::rofl::joy::joy:

I can’t take that ''ameeeeennn" :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

God is love in God their is know hate in God we don’t kill, hate, cause or fight for God. God is not killing any body or fight anybody God will judge every man according to his or has doings in life may the lord help us in Jesus name

I think they are 2 faced

How old are you? Ameen?

You make me laugh!

…I feel personally violated…

right on david, satan rules islam, nothing good, nothing of god

4:57 where can I buy this? XD (I’m just kidding)

Bless those who cursed you -Jesus

The pagan religion of Islam comes back to seethe and cope cause Christianity took over.

Keep it up man!
The shoe thing is hilarious :laughing::joy:

We must pray for those tricked by the false prophet Muhamnad… God is slow to anger but his cup of wrath will be poured upon them if they do not repent.

You’ll definitely need a brother to wash those feet after wearing those.

What’s the next venture? quran toilet paper?

Does the typical shaved face of Ali Dawah remind you of something funny?

At least he’s learning from Ahmed Deedat’s mistake. He didn’t include himself in the curse to be on the safer side

those shoes would be a brilliant merch!!! :slight_smile: