Ali Dawah Wants MILLIONS of Ex-Muslims MURDERED (to Save Islam from Atheism)

Muslim YouTuber Ali Dawah openly promotes capital punishment for apostates in Muslim countries, and Muhammad ordered his followers to execute people for leaving Islam. However, statistics show that there are millions of ex-Muslims (especially “closet atheists”) living in Muslim countries. This means that Ali Dawah and Muhammad are calling for the public beheading of millions of apostates in order to rescue Islam from atheism. Oddly enough, the YouTube Trust and Safety Team defends the demands for violence. David Wood discusses the issue.

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Remember when Ali Dawah said that if his daughter reaches puberty at the age of nine, he’ll tell her that she’s ready for marriage? Here’s the video: ALI G DAWAH! (Islamic Lessons on Puberty and Marriage at Speakers' Corner) - YouTube

You see evil acts such as minority persecution, apostate persecution, blasphemy persecution, killing those who cricize Muhammad, etc happen only in muslim majority countries or by muslims.
Stay away from Islam.


“the rights of the community are more important than the rights of the individual”
yeah, the right of the community to… not… hear opinions they may disagree with (or may challenge them to think, yahweh forbid) supercedes the individual’s right to… live.

aND wE’Re PrOUd oF ThAt, yEAH?

People pandering on Muslim that no longer believe in religion because they think it would stop radical Islamist, they only know these people from social media and internet. In reality there is million of Muslim that no longer believe in Islam supporting (jihad) in Europe and USA.

Muslim leaving Islam kill them, Others except Islam welcome them, great thinking by this fool…

It is hard to believe in Islam as a religion of peace. So if a christian converts to Islam the convert can also be killed?

Ali Dawah is advocating for genocide

Look you can’t defeat any Muslim in a debate therefore you come on your little channel trying to slander the name of Islam but it’ll never work, Islam will spread even if the disbelievers hate it, so your plan will never work. And you misuse the words and laws of Muhammad pbuh, if Islam was all about murder we would have been killed you and everyone else who spreads hate about Islam!! You lack understanding and you’ll be dealt with on the day of judgement!!

Yep we are proud of it :blush:

Mohamed is the last prophet of Allah and Islam is the only true religion (yeah forgot to mention it’s peaceful too)
Ur channel only affects those “Muslims” with weak hearts, alhamdulillah the religious ones won’t fall for the traps laid for them to leave Islam. Allah says: They want to extinguish the light of God with their mouths, and God will perfect His light, even if the unbelievers hate it. So my message to all Muslims out there seeing my comment, STAY STRONG N LETS MEET UP IN JANNAHHH LETSS GOOO

They greatest gift God gave me is to be a Christian

Is there hate speech laws in the UK? If Great Britain applies normal Gate Speech Laws, people like Ali Dawah should be brought to Trial, the Deported.
What benefits people like Ali Dawah bring to the UK?

Where proud of that

My name is Muhammad Mirza in the most religious state of Malaysia I no longer believe in Islam in my opinion there’s no slight difference between Muslim that no longer believe in Islam or conservative Muslim, both still Muslim in people eyes, both still love Islam, still brown and I know a lot of them that support jihad in Europe and USA. No need to be nice to us because we no longer believe in Islam in our head.

Maybe one day the quran you swallowed will give you guidance

man can you please add the source of the thing you are reading that 4067 put the link to that in the description.

thanks david for sharing
they are right

The fact that Ali dawah is living in England makes me so sick ! Our country is been taken over by these idiots and it enrages me !