Allah and the Plural of Majesty (David Wood)

In the Quran, Allah repeatedly refers to himself using plural pronouns. Muslims claim that the god of Islam is using the “plural of majesty” or “royal we.” However, an underlying assumption of the plural of majesty is that it’s more majestic to be plural. Hence, according to the Quran, a deity that is somehow plural in nature (such as the triune God of the Bible) is more majestic than a unitarian deity. Should Muslims be so quick to reject the doctrine of the Trinity? David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics discusses the issue.

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Such prophets are found near my house

Finnaly you bring this topic

Hmmmmmh! Sounds like the Transgender/Woke/Biden Administration trying to call themselves something that they are NOT. :thinking::sunrise_over_mountains::pray::latin_cross::hugs::heart::sunrise_over_mountains:

How was “Allah” called before prophet Muhamad or was this name given by Muhamad himself ?

There’s only one, it’s not a Islam belief it’s a fact.

The Koran was not written in English it was written in Arabic so your taking the English translation and saying it’s revealed as English . There is not such thing as trinity in the Bible so what are you on about . Does Jesus every say in the Bible or refer to himself as God ? … no but you make him out to be God … so do you see your making your own statement sound false

I always ask myself why the hell Allah calls himself "We":slightly_smiling_face:

I was done when the quran states God’s word cannot be changed but open a passage where it can constantly be changed via surah verse 106.

David Wood discovering majestatic plural.


This is amazing thanks for the information I hope muslims see the truth IN Jesus name Gods Glory Amen

Al lah + Al lat + Al Uzza + Manat .

Well, if that’s the case, and both statements are true, there’s only one conclusion: Islam’s god has a DID. Yes, Disassociated Interpersonal Disorder, or formerly known as MPD- Multiple Personalities Disorder. Proof? Didn’t M said Allah has 99 names? What if they’re not names? What if they ARE 99 personalities that their god has? :thinking: y’know I once read the crime record about a DID person killing someone, and he called himself we, as written in the report: “WE had succeeded in killing the demon in OUR house!”, that’s what the criminal said, so yeah, a DID person called him or her self as we, not as one individual.

sorry I only use We/Weh pronouns

“Ah-lah uses ‘we’ because he is trinitarian and not unitarian”, David Wood.

Christian: how to tell jesus is god without telling ‘Jesus is God’?

Muslim: jesus is the Messiah (al-Masīḥ), born of a virgin, performed miracles, accompanied by disciples, rejected by the Jewish establishment, being raised to heaven, returns on the judgement day.

Allah never revealed that “we” is a plural pronoun of majesty of himself. Muslims just made a miracle of reinterpretation which is actually invalid

“Plural of majesty” sounds like an admission that Allah is a Trinity to me!


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