Allah fails a math test! (quran 4:11-12)

Mathematics is a popular topic for Muslim apologists. But what happens when we give Allah a math test, based on Quran 4:11-12? David Wood discusses the issue.

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The math doesn’t work because you failed to apply the miracle of reinterpretation to the respective verses.

Allah is all knowing in Islam yet the dumbest god of all polytheist gods Islam! What a region.

Although i am a Muslim ., But it is the RIGHT & Strongest OBJECTION raised by Christian if we think Logically

Share of the childrens are with the share of the parents.But when husband or wife is going to receive the share they will get the their full share and difficiency will be from the share of the children who are having more share value.
Wife(1/8) get 3000
Mother(1/6) get 4000
Father(1/6) get 4000
And children will receive the remaining 13000.
Share of the one daughter(1/2) or two or more daughters(2/3) is with the share of the parents(1/3) only.

Whattt are you kidding me?? Setahu saya islam itu ada satu buku yg genius matematic

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I think you have to read you bible first

I guess demons aren’t very good at math

The Islamic law of inheritance served as the force behind the development of Algebra by Al Khwarizmi and other mathematicians. His book’s longest chapter “foundation text of algebra” is related to Islamic inheritance. Hence proving that Quran is the main motivation behind the science of Algebra.

A Muslim mathematician from North Africa, named Al Hassar, developed the modern symbolic math notations for fractions containing numerator and denominator. So both Fathers of Modern Math considered Author of the Quran to be God.

Allah is the Main Force behind all Math on Earth.

This is not an error but misunderstanding of scripture, here it presents a general rule and does not give a fixed fraction as posed in question. if the number of people change the values can be changed close to the base rule.

there are many scenarios in which the sum of the prescribed shares is greater than the inheritance. The way to resolve this kind of issue is to reduce the share of each of the heirs proportionately. So that no one heir will bear the entire shortfall whilst others lose nothing.

For example: “The wife gets one eighth, the daughters get two thirds, the father gets one sixth, and the mother gets one sixth.”

In order to distribute the estate to the heirs, the estate is to be divided into 24 equal parts, which is what the scholars call the “basic figure”, which is the lowest number that will allow the shares of inheritance to be represented by whole numbers. This is similar to the issue of finding the lowest common denominator when adding fractions that have different denominators such as one half and one third.

If we work out the share of each heir in this case, then the share of the wife, which is 1/8, becomes 3/24; the father and mother each get 1/6, which becomes 4/24; and the daughters get 2/3, which becomes 16/24. The total of these shares is 27/24

It is not possible to give each of the heirs his or her share in full, because the estate is not sufficient. In that case, justice dictates that the share of each heir should be reduced. So instead of dividing the estate into 24 equal shares, it is divided into twenty-seven equal shares, which is the sum of the shares of all heirs.

So the final division will be:

The wife gets 3/27 shares, so the 1/8 to which she is entitled becomes 1/9. Each of the parents gets 4 shares out of 27. The daughters get 16 shares out of 27.

There is no problem in scripture or in interpretation other than non believers prejudice ignorant minds

Allah is the best of those who ploy & decieve, but the worst of mathemeticians

That is a miracle!! Praise Allah!

I was under the impression that the parents got 1/6th collectively… but that would still leave 1000 spare… so Allah thinks 24000=23000!

Repent of your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in your heart that He has died for sins and rose from the tomb on the third day and let the Holy Spirit within you, and you shall be saved. Amen

Wallah fake :frowning:

A bit confused 5:22 how does the father inherit $4000. Wasn’t the father the person who died. You say the parents will inherit some money 5:21. But if the father died…???

Hi I’m a Christian. Not specifically sure if the Bible talks about rules of inheritance like this. Off the top of my head I think in the book of proverbs (and I’m just guessing) it says we should leave an* inheritance for our children’s children.

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