Allah Is NOT All-Wise, All-Powerful, or Unchanging (LIVE, 8:00pm ET)

David Wood and Anthony Rogers will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), showing even more theological problems for Islam. Allah is not all-wise, all-knowing, or unchanging.

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Love this guy’s

I love it that people sitting next to him smile when David says tik tok time to rock

Lol I live how I get dawah commercials ever since I’ve been watching David’s videos years ago

Much love to you guys and your families from Texas! God Bless the apologetics squad!

bottom line is Muslims don’t want to debate with Christians that know what they’re talking about…they don’t want us talking about Mohammed cuz there’s no way they can honestly defend him and the life he lived…I’m happy to defend Christ using the scriptures and teaching a Muslim my beliefs with patience and love but they can’t do the same cuz the Quran and Hadith are exactly what reveals Mohammed in a negative light…if I were Muslim I’d be upset too…when a Christian can pick apart their “prophet” using Muslim’s own sources that has to be very frustrating so they will often just call u a liar and shutdown the conversation…definitely takes patience, love and compassion to have an honest and open dialogue with a Muslim and we should never avoid the opportunity if we love them…

Ha ha :joy:, great laugh guys :+1:. you and your childish religions,mmm of course your fairy tales will save you,ha ha, grow up little crazy kids :nose:

This is educative, God is exposing everything in this secret religion. But the Quran was written years after Muhammad death. My question is, who reviewed and edited Allah words?

May Allah Punish I cant beleive I had to wittness at 13 yr old

FOR I AM AS THE GREATEST TO BE FOR THE BEST!! thats what Allah means everytime.

2020, David Wood still running after his dad with hammer :joy:

You need to learn Arabic in order to truly analyze the Quran

I love you guys for exposing the fakeness in this religion .pray God to guide you continually

Is allah God of bible?



Quran virus or coronavirus?

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In the Qur’an it says killing one human is like killing the whole of humanity and saving one human is like saving the whole of humanity you cant take once verse and say God meant killing those who do not believe killing should be avoided at all costs it is better if no one is killed

It is misinterpretation and you using human behaviour and basicing it on Allah yes he could of created everything everything straight away however Allah took time to show his power furthermore modern day Arab is much different to arab back then at the time the Qur’an was highly grammatical over time words and meaning started go change