Allah sent muhammad to hell!

According to the Qur’an and Muslim scholars (such as Yasir Qadhi), anyone who describes the Qur’an as the word of a man will be thrown into the hellfire. Yet the Qur’an describes itself as the word of an honored messenger. This means either (1) that Allah is an honored messenger, or (2) that the Qur’an is the word of Muhammad. Anthony Rogers discusses the implications.

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Jesus said “ i am the way the truth and the life” Pls turn to Jesus!!

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Think about it people if allah was realy god do u actually think thst he would send one of his prophet to hell? No the real reason thst Muhammad is in hell is because he didn’t no Jesus Christ as his lord and saver abs because Islam is false watch the other vido of Muhammad in hell he’s telling Muslims thst here’s burning in hell he’s also saying thst Islam is the work of the devil

This is dumb Muhammad was sent to hell by the god from the holly bible because he didn’t no Jesus crist as his lord and saver people Islam is false this is going to get u sent to hell

This is stupid he was sent to hell by the god from the holly bible for not noing Jesus Christ as his lord and saver

So you guys say Jesus is son of God then you say Jesus is God if you say Jesus is God how come Jesus died in cross,God cannot die remember but he died in the cross if Jesus is God I want to know who created him can you tell me, so before you talk about Islam my friend and misleading other people I would like all my non Muslim brothers and sister to study Quran and have your own opinion dont listen to this man I would like you to study yourself and these video please watch the full video this man is just cutting these video and making bull shit story about our religious and prophet please watch Dr zakir or Ahmed detet debate just to clear understanding.

Hes leing nabi Muhammad not to hell he is ing jannah

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Please dont misrepresent us. People of mecca obviously accused The Prophet(saw). They said he(saw) was a poet. And the quran is the work of a poet. So In Surah-Haqqah verse 38-42 Allah says " this is word of an honourable messenger" . Look quran mentions messenger. And a messenger speaks what was spoken to him. So by mentioning an honourable messenger it clearly states that he is a messenger and he is speaking what was spoken to him.
And what was spoke to him was the word of Allah.
And then the second one was about Gabriel

Probably the dumbest video on this channel.

If it says “the word of an honored messenger”
Then clearly “Word” simply means the one delivering/reciting the message, not the author :skull:

If what it means is that Muhammad (ﷺ) is the author of the Quran, then explain how hes honored… by speaking his own words :sob:
Forget that, the verse clearly calls him a MESSENGER, if the verse is saying that Muhammad (ﷺ) is the author of the Quran, then hes no longer a messenger.
Cause what does a messenger do?

People engaged in anti-Islam polemics rlly lose all braincells when attempting to make an argument, your hate for Islam blinds you of any logical explanation.

May Allah (ﷻ) guide you.

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And why Muhammed was cast on hell, then curan and Muhammed is lier. Folse prophet.

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i’m not suprised. keep preaching the truth, time is almost up!

Allah mean peace

Allah don’t save u from hell, but Jesus does :gift_heart: Jesus is the only way to heaven, Jesus loves u, Jesus is king :crown:

This is such dumb logic :joy_cat: