Allah the Man-God, Part 1 (Anthony Rogers)

The Quran and Hadith contain numerous references to Allah’s body parts and physical characteristics. Many Muslims interpret these references metaphorically, claiming that since the Quran declares that “There is nothing like unto Him” (42:11), Allah cannot have a body. But is this what Quran 42:11 means? In “Allah the Man-God: Part One,” Anthony Rogers explains why Muslims cannot legitimately reinterpret clear statements about Allah’s physical parts.


When reading the Quran I noticed the things mentioned about Allah after a statement about him never seem to make any sense in context. For example 7:15, the alert and the observant does not seem to add up with this. You can force it to work but it does not flow together intuitively.

Logic and Islam dont work well together.

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My dear friend, you shouldn’t take things out of context without understanding the fundamentals of what Islam is really about. You speak on things you clearly have no idea about.

Allah (god) is muhammad. one of the same.

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Hahaha what a funny video . That’s not our belief . We don’t believe what he said in video , it is like Christian or Hindu belief (polytheism)
Qur’an is not what you look like, in Qur’an Allah said he has hands , but it doesn’t mean hands like human . It is unknown ,no one has the idea about it , god hears God sees but he don’t have eyes or ear like humans . God is shapeless ,no one has the knowledge about him .

Infact Jews and Muslims have same concept about god. Our faith is same as them

Read Holly Quran definitely you will get right meaning of Allah Not from this Mr. man

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