Allah the Man-God, Part 2: Allah's Body and Solid Shape (Anthony Rogers)

Many Muslims believe that Allah is immaterial. However, Islam’s most trusted sources claim that Allah is a physical being. In this video, Anthony Rogers shows that even the Quran insists that Allah has a solid body.

Allah of Islam has big balls! To share his nonsense message with Momo


Wow!! allah and mohammed don’t know mathematics. 30 ft tall? Wow dumb people believe that bullshit

What is ’ black" light? Grey ?

And in return Iblis/Satan then “helped” with the Quaran :joy:

Begotten? That’s dumb if Allah is not begotten well then he doesn’t exist. Like Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son. In the context this word used for Jesus means to always exist. So if Allah is not begotten means he does not exist.

Thank you :blush: very informative xoxoxoxo

If we go by this Hadith 8.79.6227. Adam is sixty cubits around ( 90 feet) and ( all that enter Paradise) will be (all like Adam 90 feet) ,that means (Jesus) in muslims heaven (is 90 feet). And (over the throne of allah) muslims think :thinking: about this, Jesus is the only one over the throne with allah

Allah was so slow to make Adam. And Adam yelled at allah, said hurry up before dark (Sun set)

Allah is not uncreated he is selfcreated

Christian in South East Asia also called The Father as Allah.

Is ala in the shape of Hubal?


Sufism is the best religion

The quran is just like the old testament and u have Christians and Jews following that!

To everybody on this forum
God is neither A man nor A woman Nor is He An Entity or Spiritual Being. Which other than the idea of Hands not :open_hands:, has been described in the Quran.

Do not speak ill of them and their religion, so they wont speak ill about yours - Muhammad
U r just ridiculous hilarious.- Me

This shows, beside anything else, that if Adam was a huge clay idol, LUITTERALY, if angels were confused (yeas, koran always change Biblical stories “We shall make man as Our image”, notice that this “Our image” means Trinity, remember this while preaching and debating muslims, God bless them, so koran changes the stories WAY too much into Greek myths rollercoaster), then it means that… allahu in Magamad’s head looked like a idol? I understand that, he was so unintellegent, so uneducated, satan needed that, but even pagans at leasy understand that they don’t serve just idol, it is just a statue, but a “REAL” pagan gods was moving and stuff, right?

But in Magamad’s head… an actual idol))) The more you get into it… the more unbelieveable it gets. Same with Kaa Baa, muslims say that “this is house for allahu”, sorry guys, imaginary satanic idols can’t walk. So they don’t get that even pagans are not just honouring statues, they honouring those whom they worship THROUGH statues, so does it makes them non-pagans? No, same applies to you, muslims. Also Kaa Baa is not a house of God, forget about it, also allahu does not mean God at all. Use it when debating them. God bless you, Anthony, you’re helping me very much, brother.

The word means hard and solid not as in material but in reference ones controll over emotion i.e. one who is strong over emotion.