Allahu akbar! muhammad's war cry

Jihadis shout “Allahu Akbar!” during their attacks, while Western journalists insist that it’s a peaceful expression.

“Allahu Akbar” is an Arabic phrase that means “Allah Is Greater.” In Islam, the expression signifies that Allah is greater than anything else, especially the gods of unbelievers. Muhammad himself would shout “Allahu Akbar” when attacking non-Muslims, including the Jews of Khaybar. In this video, David Wood responds to attempts by CNN, the Huffington Post, and the New York Times to ignore the violent history of the phrase.

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Islam means submission/surrender.
Surrender to have your life spared.

Allah doesn’t mean God in arabic, because allah is a name of an satanic moon entity. Ilah means God in the Arabic language. Allah has also many names and faces, this means that he is equal to a other entity, that goes by the name of Satan. God doesn’t deceive, but Satan does. God isn’t the best in sceaming and plotting, but Satan is. And yes, those names are also the 2 other names of allah’s 99 names!

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David. May God protect you. Thank you . I lived in Egypt studied the Bible and the Quran. You are very much right

All hamdillilah used for satan to not eat the food so no hunger that’s why Americans and dubai fat while Indians Japanese people who aren’t people of the book and don’t pray thin. Even atheists thinner than Christians shown shouf mom and Rita. Azka wa7ad yaamol halo 7mar. Brush hair and nem to not 5areb hair. Mohammed said allahu akbar when 5aybar destroyed can be used for both 3ase lesh people offended. Mohammed b7ad zeto yelled when army attacked. Mohammed said allahu akbar prayers to distinguish between Muslims and non Muslims when they attack who to kll and not kll

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Non religious hate religion in general because they want people to accept things like porn, hom osexul ality and maybe in the near future ped oph ilia, so obviously they hate religion who is against that ! and they try to make it looks bad so those things spread faster in societies :wink:

For the Islam was spread with the sword, how about the Mongols lol ?? Did someone forced them to convert :thinking:
I don’t think so :wink:

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First of all Allah is not the God of the Christians.
Allah is a pagan god of Islam :star_and_crescent:.

Allahu Akbar = run away!

islam is for idiots who worship the Devil via Mr. M.

Islam is for Idiots.

To every Jew and Christian is quite clear that shouting “God is Great” is not a good mean of worship, because we have the commandment to not take God’s name in vain; and Muhammad is the perfect example of how important this prohibition is, being the most successful blasphemer against God’s name in history

Islam is not a religion of peace its a religion of pieces. Literally, you know like an arm there, a head over here.

Love your work
Keep exposing the False Prophet and the media and lefts cover up

I would be calling the police if somebody said that around me.

Most of the likes on Linda’s post were non muslims who believe anything and know nothing about Islam and by people who just hate Trump…

I’m going make a new Religion and the hell fire Devil’s name is “Allah”