Amazon Echo Calls Muhammad a Hypocrite!

Vocab Malone and I were setting up for a video about a Sharia-compliant version of Echo, when we realized that Alexa was completely willing to accuse Muhammad of hypocrisy for marrying more women than his own revelations allow!

For more on Muhammad, check out these videos:

Brother David, you should make videos on Sharia-compliant versions of other smart speakers too!

Cleverly hilarious :joy:

Broke me :rofl:


I hope both of you go to hell
And i just say to siri also to alxe
Me: thx for helping me to destroy Cristian and also Jesus

Do you guys thing that by uploading this video you guys can effect Islam and Muslims? That wouldn’t happen Islam is already the fastest growing religion in the world and I want allah to help you find a good way to continue your your life with right path.

I can’t believe how dumb you both are!!! Alexa clearly states “4 wives allowed at the same time”… Muhammad never had more than 4 wives at the same time. He had 11 wives but never more than 4 at the sametime. Fucking idiots!!! By the way, it is impossible to have even 2 wives based on conditions Islam has set up to have more than one wife. Check it out dumb ass, idiots!!!

Alexa I am sorry but your gonna get Fatwa for revealing the truth.


David having fun with about Mohammed (s) life without knowing behind the fact of (11 marriage.)
Sure that wasn’t for sex, one strategy of many strategies to establish faith ONE GOD.
David alike one of the Mohammed(s) uncle “Abu Lahab” who ignored(had fun) Mohammed(s).
That’s the reason “Surah Masad” (chapter 111 revealed.)

May Allah bless you

He didn’t have 11 FIRST OF ALL YOU CUNTS second these we things written in the QUR’AN about god telling him to marry 9. If u read it and also I thought that there was different types of Christian and in different laungaue so your holly book it not united. So there are totally different plus if read the quran which was written over 1000 years some of the things it sated turned to be true and people only discovered that in about 100 years so get educated the talk

You do not know anything…just…asked Alex’s how hazrat Umar …RA died.

He (SAWW).had 11 wives because at that time… a lot of women were divorced…he married those womens whose husband’s had died in battles so they had no where to go …he was on ly giving them a roof… he SAWW didn’t touched most of them because they were a trust…with him

He (SAWW).had 1one beloved wife…when she passed…he cried and then marryed another…that’s how he was…at that time
People were.non muslims. behaving so wildy towards women…after when the Muslims won one war…they find out that in enemy kings camp…their are a lot of women’s left to die…then He (SAWW) asked from his friends are their anyone who would …cover these women in their blankets of respect…a lot of mulims married those women and brought them to madina…to be their wives…after scuh all that…a women used …beaten …and…! They loved those women…

He )SAWW). .


225K subscribers … Real nice mate! Keep it up, im an atheist, could you make more videos making fun of atheists please :slight_smile: Thank you in advance .

hahahahahha :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: