American Students Trapped in Afghanistan

A number of students from San Diego, California, are trapped in Afghanistan, along with their families. An estimated 1500-4100 Americans are still trying to escape the Taliban. David Wood discusses the issue.

For the CNN article quoted in this video (“Two dozen San Diego students and their families are stuck in Afghanistan”), click here: 4 of 5 San Diego-area families stuck in Afghanistan are secure, in process to return to US - CNN

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Joe Biden building the Afghan Taliban back better.

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Why refugees from Afghanistan would go on holidays to Afghanistan?

With this news, the IS, not Taliban will looking for them and will kill them.

Leave them there. In the US they preach about how good their belief system is so let them prove it by staying in Afghanistan.

The US government is ruthless and evil just like all governments in the world are. None of them care about the common man!

A refugee who returns to his country to relax is no longer a refugee as he is not fleeing.

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Families who were given refuge in america because Afghanistan was too dangerous spend their holidays in… Afghanistan

why the hell would go back to Afghan on hollieday if you are a " refugee"

They are not stranded they are SOLD .

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