An open challenge to all zakir naik fans (prove he's not lying in this video!)

Zakir Naik quotes Luke 24:36-43 in a desperate attempt to convince his followers that Jesus hadn’t died and hadn’t risen from the dead. But just three verses later (Luke 24:46), Jesus tells his disciples that he rose from the dead! How can we not conclude that Zakir Naik is a liar? David Wood challenges all Zakir Naik fans to prove he’s not lying!

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Zakir Naik is Zakir Nike… Good for running away from truth, but not good for Child slaves in Indonesia

“it is me your Lord and master Jesus pbuh” did the crowd really not catch on to what he said?

Without lies islam is dead.

What do we expect from people who think it is OK to lie?

Zakir naik is just simply a pathological liar

David thanks alot for making my faith even more strong, please keep this wonderful work going we need this on daily basic to make us stronger in Christianity.

We don’t need a lost somebody to tell us about our God.

This Zak boy is a mental case.

Zakir Naik’s statements are just like blindmen found an elephant. One of a blindman touched the elephant’s leg and told elephant is just like a pillar.Other man touched the tail and told elephant is just like a rope. Another man touched the trunk and told elephant is just like a wood. Same way Zakir Naik picks the words from Bible only favourable to him.

Saiten, Allah and Mohamad were always liars and their Deciples and followers are same, no changes… Dittos :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth::smile:

Zakir Naik is Slandering the Lord Jesus Christ as a liar, yet he constantly addresses “Peace be upon Him”. by his style, he clearly is lying to the audience. What a cheeky apologist this guy is.

Even a Muslim woman who repented after having an encounter with Christ said " it is believed in Islam that you can lie to get what u want , so Islam is build upon lies " follow this woman on YouTube " binta farouk jalingo. Marvelous testimony.

I wonder how many people Zakir is taking to Hell with him. I pray Jesus save Zakir :pray:t6:

Resurrecting happen in the Quran when God kill a Kamel and it’s master and resurrect them both with flesh and bones after 100yrs

It seems that you have run short of Gas emotionally with Dr, Zakir Naik’s deep knowledge. I think you have an ego problem check with the Doctor

Can someone post a link to the original video? I can’t find it.

David wood repent.

If jesus was God, then who resurrected him.?

I have no comments for you Mr wood. But I have one thing to say. Let the holy Spirit strengthen you and AP and CP and all other apologists for saying fearlessly the truth and nothing but the truth. :pray::heart::us_outlying_islands::albania: