An Open Debate Challenge to Robert Spencer


MohMad was a devil in human body. And Devil always exists. Sorry Dr David Wood this is the only time I’m disagreed with you😆

Nice glove, nickagh!

Throwing down the gauntlet???

Great video. Thank you for sharing :pray:

Dr Jay Smith also doubts muhammad’s existence. His arguments seem sound to me, but I’m just a lay person.

man this guy has the perfect Face to bunch
His Arrogance is pouring down on his smuck face .

Tkx again, I really enjoy the way you crack me up, humor a lost art.

I think this is counter productive. Rather maybe you and Robert Spencer should debate together against James White and Jeff Durbin.

Both you and Robert are amazing debaters.May the LORD bless you both.

Can Muslims and Christians ever make a truce?

David is the “Chuck Norris” of the apologist word.

I was expecting a bird to land on that glove.

Irony!!! Wonderful!

Awesome bro!

The black glove is a distraction!

The thing is not about the reality of Muhammad but about the consistency of his islamic biography (the sîra) with the historical figure of the leader of the Hagarenes/Ishmaelites/Saracenes. The sîra is mostly legendary, as the scholars have proved it many times during the last century (cf. Patricia Crone’s ‘What do we actually know about Muhammad ?’ - What do we actually know about Mohammed? | openDemocracy )

You cannot call this a debate since one of the contenders is not present to present his case. This is a rebuttal. It would be interesting to watch a real debate between you and Robert Spencer. Try to get him to do it and it will be a hit!

“I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do . . . I’m gonna release my falcon on him!” releases falcon