An Open Debate Challenge to Robert Spencer

Read an interesting story a year or two ago - based on the testimony of a Vatican whistle-blower who had access to the Archives and said that he had viewed documentation there that supported his claim which was that -
Mohammed was a creation of the Roman Church…!
The Church saw the potential of the Arabs as a weapon against Judaism - If they could unite them behind a leader and turn them against the Jews…!
Mohammeds first wife was wealthy but decided to go into a convent - the Church approached her and asked her would she take up this task - she agreed and selected mohammed - the church sent scholars to him to educate him - because if he was to be a leader in a Religion he would need to have some detailed knowledge of other existing Religions…!
The church wanted to use Islam against non-Roman Christians and Jews - and have Jerusalem given over to their control - he claims that initially the Roman Church was not an enemy of Mohammed and the Church even named Fatima in honour of mohammeds first born daughter…! - but as Islam became more and more powerful the concession faded and disappeared…!
They lost control of the monster they created…!
Interesting story - and given some of the scams the Church played on other issues going back over the centuries…? - interested to know what you guys think…!

CAIR should change its name to the “League of Islamic American Relations”. It has a more accurate acronym.

February 2018. :slight_smile:

Robert Spencer are great debater, i love him…

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Muhammad existed and he is STILL a real pain in the butt! But I think that the Islamic Empires have used Muhammad and produced any new Hadith to be able to continually persuade Muslims to do what helps their form of government. Since there are so many Hadith, it isn’t hard to find something to support any point of view, pile one on top of another, and you have a new policy. But it does not make Islam into anything tolerable or fair, it is only to benefit the Muslim male and actually, only those who are in charge, the rest of the people live in dire poverty and ignorance.

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That’s right David go and argue with Robert I will review both points in the debate in a civilize matter this is what real men do God bless you both.

those same light skinned Caucasians that are educated that turn away from Christianity,turn away from Judaism and islam as well. The same generalization that spencer is guilityof so are you

I think if any reasonable person was to try Loftus’s Insiders Test of Faith, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, they would all fail equally. It is simple, hold the feet of your religion to the same fire that you hold other religions, and you will see its fails just as miserably. and if you want to cherry pick their respective holy books for detestable passages,you will fine they are equally abhorrent.

i agree. The great prophet Muhammad does exist in the flesh. without him there will be no muslims…

Keep the debate to the issues. Don’t ‘play the man’.

Also, be open to the possibility that Muhammed may have been a failed papal candidate, who went to the Arab edge of the Roman Empire to reinvent himself & start a new religion.

Not new really, all that stuff about veils, brutal laws & contempt for unbelievers - it was all in the Jewish Tanakh first - written from AT LEAST 800 BC (if not earlier), whereas Muhammad created his “ALL NEW!” Monotheism in 600 AD - that’s right, 1,400 years later.

The Jewish Defamation League also tries to gag anyone who publicly talks on their (however-crazy) views of Zionist domination of the world.

And, the Zionists are backing jihadists in Syria.

So, all these religions and ideologies are a smokescreen for all the Elites to keep their people down by getting to hate & fear working people in other countries.

hunterloon :

Sorry but I don’t need to know about Islam from people like yourself your saying nothing but RUBBISH Jesus was a 100% pure MUSLIM I can prove you that Jesus preached Monotheism not trinity ,Jesus submitted to God alone,Jesus prayed to God like Muslims pray head on the ground ,Jesus never ever claimed to be God he was a Muslim prophet and that hurts you I can see that .Your knowledge is DAMN weak Islam never came 600 years after Jesus Islam started with Adam,Adam was the 1st prophet of ISLAM