Anjem Choudary vs. David Wood: Would Sharia Help the West? (Debate)

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Muslims claim that the West is immoral, and that Islam can improve Western society. But can the teachings of Muhammad really help the United States, Great Britain, and other Western nations? Anjem Choudary and David Wood debate the evidence.

No Sharia law will not help the west because its subjugation of non muslims. Sharia law will only force non Muslims to become muslim.

Choudry: it’s was foolish to go to the Moon.

Proof that he would rather remain ignorant. Never going beyond the seventh century.

Choudry is the perfect example of the phrase “without lies, Islam dies”. Everytime dr. Wood hit Choudry with Islamic chapter and verse, Choudry could do nothing but stutter and say “he’s making it up”. Perfect example of Islamic taqiya.

The ISIS flag is literally behind Anjem’s head

Go David Go David woot woot


Are peopel in 04/2022 rewatching this ???:joy::joy: I loved this débate

Life is about God and Satan, light and darkness and Islam is darkness and hates light- Jesus Christ, the only name given to mankind necessary for salvation.

Muslim, non ability to debate anything, are not even as able as a clearly cultic group. Islam like cults do not know their holy book, nor do they believe their holy book, which is the only thing consistent with them.

The Muslim forgot that he was describing Islam’s behavior around the world, an incredibly ignorant and incompetent non memory.

David is the consument gentleman while butchering lies of liars, praise God for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It’s difficult to argue the stats with Anjem precisely because most of these practices in Muslim countries are either totally legal or they are covered up. Even if they were illegal and openly reported these countries lack the infrastructure to accurately survey and report on this data. Comparing oranges in the West with bad apples in the Middle East.

Anjem is a hypercrite. Look for pictures of him at collage. You’ll see him drinking beer and smoking.

Well done David. Anjem Choudray is a dangerous man.

Anjem Choudary is a IS Supporter. He is now in prison.

David Wood is the most hateful bastard who makes US look ugly

let’s go David

David wood. Please quit alcohol. Your reflexes and thoughts are becoming old too early.

Even if you give 24 hours or 24 years to David Wood. He would still fail to answer a single argument by Professor Anjem.