Another Short Update

To watch “What the Quran Says about the Bible,” click here: What is the Quran's View of the Bible? - YouTube

Hi brother David, best wishes to you… may Lord Jesus charge you fully and use in His ministries abundantly…we keep praying for you…

Have you ever debated Bill Nye the du-'" guy would love to see you tear him to shreds or rather his views,Ive saved videos where he actually contradicts himself!

Trump 2016!

You are silly, but you do look good in a nightie. ;o)

You seemed very relatable on this

hello, How are you? I saw a question on you tube from a moslim to a Imaam. after hearing the answer, I got puzzled. The question was, Must Christians not be very thankfull to Jews, that they Killed Jesus, on the Cross. When they did not do that there could not be salvation for the rest of the world or the Christians. I think we must be thankful they Killed Jesus. so now there is redemption, healing in Jesus name, guidance. But on the other hand, everybody, killed Jesus, because He hang for every sinner on the cross. So He must voluntary be accepted his own dead. do you have any wisdom on this. Thanks and may God bless you. bye, Remon.

Just 500 more subscribers

I’m still waiting for the video on Surah 9:5-6

yay welcome back David wood we miss you

oh man, not the bell bottom jeans.

Well done David

Shooting lighting from your eyeballs ? Are you sure you are not a prophet with that sort of power, David ?

Dawkins! Oh God I love it. Useless pathetic excuse for a ‘scientist.’

Hello brother David. Now when you have nearly 8,000 dollars per month from your Patreon account here: David Wood is creating EPIC videos | Patreon what is next? I salute you for this success and I am one of the people that are part of the group that supports what you do.

We as Christians should follow Jesus in actions - lead by the Spirit and the Word. I am sure he was transparent with his spending. Please post an update on what do you plan to do with all these money every month. I would say, give up any other work, but the Gospel and use the money to spread it/defend it. Exposing lies is good, revealing the truth is even better :slight_smile: After all when people stop believing lies, then need to be given the truth to believe in, correct? What do you think? Let us know please.

Apologetic is good. Living for Christ is even better :slight_smile: This is not a rebuke, just a reminder :wink:
Love and blessing to you, brother David.

Do you just follow your religion blindly with no doubts or skepticisam? How can you do that? If you’re not a kiddy fiddler what can you stand to gain?

God bless you David!!

Yes! Was beginning to think he got blown up by an IED.

Awesome brother David!! You found a new FIRE!!!

Hi David, Can’t wait to see the upcoming videos. I’ve been following up all your videos, in a sense i am educating myself to defend my faith to everyone who questions. Great to see your referring of all Islamic sacred scriptures to make your points crystal clear. Advance congrats for the 100 thousand subscription mark. Keep shining for the Lord.