Another Somali Muslim Turns to Jesus! (LIVE, 4:00pm ET)

David Wood will be LIVE with Shino from Somali Christian TV at 4:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing Shino’s journey from Islam to Christianity.

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Thank you Brother David Wood for having me and my wife on. We are so thankful that you were our first Patreon supporter and we want to give thanks to you and your community for the kindness and generosity that they have shown us. We are so honoured that we can serve with you and we thank Jesus for you. May God bless you and your family. We love you.

This is a wake up call for those of us who call ourselves christians to go preach Jesus to people, if we don’t , God himself will raise up people even among those we are to preach to , and they will preach. God will raise up stones to praise him

David wood you look like Don Henley!:grin:
Younger version of him? Lol
By the way nice testimony! Praise the Lord.

Islam is Satan 's Supreme religion on earth.

God bless you David.
I’m at a place in life that I really really need the redemption of Jesus.
I’m watching this one year later but it still is live in my heart.

Thinking of switching dictatorships: I remember an Iranian friend “joking” in 1979, “Under the Shah, you could be gunned down in the street. Now, under the ayatollah, you can be gunned down in the comparative comfort of your own living room”.

Great story

Same mistake over and over , USA taking leaders out of a country, Romans 18 says God is who place them

Pre Islamic Somalia was a great place

Whats the paypal?

thank you brother for a wonderfull testimony, God bless you so much!! I have a heart for the Somaliens, I evangelize among then, and I have seen 2 somaliens become christians!!

Truth set you free my brother

GOD Bless u DAVID …and your GUEST SHINO…

Hasbuna Allah

Thanks to God Jesus lord somalia open they are mothe to preuch the gosple of God ,

KING Jesus is the only way to Heaven. Muhammad is the only way to hell fire. KING Jesus is LORD forever and forever more Amen

Studies in the 21st century suggest that, in terms of percentage and worldwide spread, Islam is the fastest-growing major religion in the world.A comprehensive religious forecast for 2050 by the Pew Research Center concludes that global Muslim population is expected to grow at a faster rate than the Christian population due primarily to the young age and high fertility-rate of Muslims.

Praise God!! May God help you David Wood and brother Shino!!

Thanks to lord this the time to repent in name of jesus!