Answering Islam 12: What Does the Quran Say about the Bible?

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Here’s Episode 12 of “Answering Islam,” where David Wood answers the question: “What Does the Quran Say about the Bible?”

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The biblical story of the creation of God, was given to the descendants of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, the Hebrews, the Jews
and to Jesus to be the Savior of the world, according to Isaiah 53.

Moses was inspired by God to write the Torah the first five books of the Hebrew Bible called the Pentateuch.
If God chooses to reveal himself to other nations, God will guide them to the Bible.

Multiple versions of the bible should not interfere with the origin of the bible in Hebrew and Greek.
In Yeshoua Messiah

Great job David. Without lies Islam dies

QU’RAN Tells the Truth about the Bible and Torah - CORRUPTED MAN MADE BOOKS!!


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Jesus/Muhammad our Rabbi, Teacher, Prophet, and Word
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Mohammad is a deceiver.infact evil is the greatest deceiver

You should run for governor✌️

Man as much as I despise your rhetoric and deception, I must thank You for guiding me in the right path, forcing me to read the Quran, and thus making me a stronger Muslim.

Deception and out of context verses. 1- IF Christians and Jews Believe on Allah, will they remain Christian and jews? If they believe on Allah then they must accept Mohammad pbh as the last prophet and messenger of God then there is no fear for them.
2- Christians and Jews can’t be judged by Quran because Quran is not the book of authority for none Muslims.
3- Quran claims that Jews and Christians corrupted their books after their prophets left. Top Jewish and Christian scholars of the day admit that there is lots of corruption in the Bible. The message of Jesus was monotheism, Jesus never prayed to a Triune God Nor Jesus preached for trinity. John 5:7 is the only verse of Bible which has a concept of trinity but this verse was a fabrication and can’t be found in the earliest copies of gospel of John. Muslims believe Bible has the word of God, the words of prophet Jesus and words of kings , historians and unknown people who inserted verses in the Bible to control public.
4- Torah was given to Moses , but Torah did not survive because Moses brook the tablets. There was a 1000 years gap before Jewish rabbis reconstructed Torah. Muslims believe Torah has the word of God , the words of prophets and words of rabbis who corrupted and changed it for their benefits
Allah says in Quran, Jesus and his mother ate food , (when we eat food we use restroom).
Jesus says , I am going to my father and your father , my God and your God. John 20:17.
Jesus claims to have a God.
Jesus identifies God the father the Only true God. John 17:3.
John 17:3 is a nightmare for trinitarians.

I want to add there’s no verses in Quran that says to get rid of Torah and the Bible if you want to refute me on this go for it?

Actually, it’s even worse than what David says in the video. The Quran exists on a tablet, for eternity, next to God, supposedly. Which means that what it said in the 7th century is also true today. Which means, the Torah and the Gospel can never, NEVER be corrupted.

You are doing great service to mankind.

There are about 27000 different manuscripts of new testament, no 2 of them agree. which one of them 27000 was in the 7th century the arabia ??? Which ones was mentioned by mohammed pbh???

I was a Muslim a few weeks ago. now I am a servant of Jesus Christ. Quran and the hadith are full of historical, scientific and moral errors.

Brother let the cristian and jews establish Bible and Torah.Quran is not against it.Quran brings all humanity at one platform.but unfortunately the humans are dividing humans.

May the Lord bless you. I started watching your debates and vid recently. I’ve learned a lot . Thank you… keep up the good work

Quran’s plagiarized!

Where are the english subtitles for the videos 12 to 14?

Jesus Christ himself is the living Lord God Almighty…